Pippbrook in 1890.  Image: Courtesy of Dorking Museum

Pippbrook in 1890
Image: Courtesy of Dorking Museum

Pippbrook stands to the east of the town at the foot of Ranmore and Box Hill. A house was built there in the 1750s by William Page and later occupied by William Crawford MP. That house was demolished in 1856. In its place William Henry Forman, master of the Glamorgan Ironworks, built a Gothic Renaissance mansion. It was designed in the offices of Sir George Gilbert Scott and has a richly decorated interior, much of which has been preserved. It now houses the town library.

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  1. William Henry Forman also donated the Lady Chapel in Doncaster Minster and dedicated it to members of his family who are buried there.

  2. where can I get some pics of mr William henri forman? my ancester was his sister? now the family is in France …

  3. Margaret Webber says:

    Can anybody tell me about Pippbrook Cottage Home School?
    I believe my GGrandmother Mary Ann Street aged 6 was a pupil there in 1861 (on Census). Are there any archived records?
    Thank you

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