Stoatley Rough School was founded by Dr Hilde Lion in 1934, largely through the efforts of Bertha Bracey, a Quaker eager to alleviate the plight of German refugees. It was a mixed boarding school and catered mainly for refugee Jewish children from Nazi Europe.

Recognised by the Ministry of Education in 1940, it continued as a school after the Second World War, its intake gradually changing to disadvantaged British children sent by local authorities. The school closed in 1960 on the retirement of Dr Lion.

Quartermaine School, Farnham Lane, Haslemere

Quartermaine School, Farnham Lane, Haslemere

The house was acquired in 1960 by The Ockenden Venture who renamed it Quartermaine and ran it as a school/children’s home. Click here to read more about the Ockenden Venture.

The Stoatley Rough School Historical Trust website includes photographs of former pupils, biographies of staff members, a history of the development of the school and description of courses taught, together with archive film footage from around1938. Click here to visit the website.

Surrey History Centre has a small collection of items relating to Stoatley Rough School (click here to see a pdf () copy of the catalogue). The main archive is with the London School of Economics and Political Science, Portugal Street, London.

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  1. Hello,I`m Norbert from Hannover Germany
    I remember visiting my brother Peter who was at keffols a Quarermain in the late 60

  2. Jill Hyams says:

    The Stoatley Rough School photos from the LSE collection can be viewed at

  3. Barry Meisel says:

    Hello, I was a pupil at Stoatley Rough School between1948 and 1950. I would very much like to hear from anyone at the school during this period.
    Thank you B.Meisel

    • Rocky says:

      Hi, my grandfather Henry (Henick) was a pupil between 1945 and 1951. was 14 through 20 at the time.
      Do you have any recollection of him?
      If so, contact me on

      • david meyer says:

        i think i remember your grandfather –hope he is well –if so; love to hear from him –He was one of the prefects when i was there>>>>And in the Choir –He had terriific bass ..
        Ask him he rememembers Stevie the maths teacher..
        Or Bernard;

        Edik the head prefect..

        He can get in touch with me on Skype under Somewhattarnish or love to catch up
        God Bless

        David M meyer

  4. Richard Graham says:

    Hi- I was a pupil in the last 3 years until the school closed. Does anyone have any photos fron this period? Also, anyone know where the photos from the link above can now be found?
    The obvious place to put them would appear to be on the website!

    Thanks Rick

    • re William Bishop says:

      I think you would have been a contemporary of William Bishop, who became a good friend when in 1960 he transferred into the Sixth Form at Godalming Grammar School. Sadly, he died on 11 June (2014). If anyone out there remembers him and wants further info, do please get in touch with me. Not sure if this webpage gives a link, so I’ll give my email as

      • David Meyer says:

        I Knew a guy Calls Bishop..
        Nickname Bouncer,,
        Came from a place near Rom ford
        Is this Him?
        David Meyer….

        • David Meyer says:

          Tried to send …to the e-mail given –says invalid
          D Meyer

          • David Meyer says:

            Does any one else remember Guy called Bishop Nicknamed Bouncer ..
            Was there in 50,s..
            came from place near Rom ford Essex
            All the best
            David Meyer

  5. BOB PHILLIPS says:

    I was a pupil at Stoatley Rough from about 1954 – 1957. I just found this site and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from that time. I can be contacted on Skype at: bikerider33


  6. Bill Church says:

    I remember Bob Phillips.We were pretty good friends.One day we decided to hitch-hike to London.We got as far as Staines.

  7. David Meyer says:

    I was there from 1951 till 56 but can’t say I remember you – does anyone remember a Mrs Stevenson was maths/biology / teacher was called “Stevie”–and Dr Wolf the French /German etc teacher?
    Does anyone recall a guy named Malcombe Bishop, Bouncer for short, or a guy called Michael Deacon?
    Anyone remember Edik…the head prefect….Tanis Wison Barbara Wilson. The gardener name I Quarik. Or guy called Thomas Beck –called him professor beck he was mad keen on nuclear physics hope to hear from somebody who knew all these people/or at least some. If any students remember me –From around 1950s–please contact me

  8. Rocky says:

    Can anyone remember Henick? He’s my grandfather. He was 14 when he first arrived at the school. He was there from 1945-1951 until he sailed to the US.
    If anyone remembers, I’d truly appreciate it.
    Feel free to contact me on skype: rochaibm
    or email at

  9. David meyer says:

    also on yahoo messenger–Skype somewhattarnish

  10. David Meyer says:

    Well! I have tried in every way to make myself available..I have tried to contact
    all the names were contact details have been given ..All to no avail!

    Again; here Are my contact detailes .:-

    can also be contacted
    on yahoo messenger same Id.
    Also skype..somewhattarnish.
    Again Facebook Somewhattarnish..

    Love to hear from any one who was at the old Alma Mater During the 1950’s.

    I remember Henry –

    And have done my best to contact his Grandson –Realise now is time of Jewish holidays –so may be one reason no response

    certainly love to hear from any one at the school at the time I was there
    A few names comes to mind :

    Thomas Beck
    Michael Deacon
    Tanis wilson
    John N george Mace
    marylyn stevens
    Strevie- (Maths teacher}-or her decendents

  11. David Meyer says:

    Sorry! But got no response–From any one i tried t contact.

    If this site, is to be active –Good idea to respond!\

    Very disappointing…

    When I found this site –was so thrilled..But the lack of activity–Is so frustrating..

    I was hoping to reestablish contact..Would of loved to found some of old class mates,,,and traced what happen with some teachers!

    OK God bless
    David Meyer

  12. David Meyer says:

    Hi Robert !
    saw you for a brief moment –can yu get back to me on the contact details given..
    David M

  13. David Meyer says:

    Hi again !
    well you who are actually using this site–will no doubt be “overjoyed to know”
    That Bob got in touch with me –We were not actually at the school at the same time –But we still know a few people who were still there –when Bob was there –I think, I must have just left -after bob arrived..

    Also Henry’s Grandson contacted me ..His grand father has been diagnosed with Dementia which is getting worse..

    So hopefully, maybe some memories I have of him –and his exploits might spark of something..

    God bless Henry..Hope that something can be done to help you..

    My invitation still is open –Anyone can contact me on the face book-or Skype contacts ..

    ..Sadly yahoo saw fit to make my password redundant (all hail to mighty yahoo-who are all powerful ha hah}–

    But not as powerful as the three woman that governed the once proud Alma Mata {stands to attentions and kow tows low to the ground}

    well bye for now\
    your friend and mine David M Meyer

  14. Bill Church says:

    I remember David Meyer vaguely.I also remember Bob Phillips,who I am currently in touch with via email.I remember Tanis Wilson,Rae Paine,Bouncer,the Mace twins,Tommy Beck et al.I think the prof was a guy named Graham Oliver.Will rack my brains further.
    Regards. Bill Church.

    • david meyer says:

      The guy called the professor was Thomas Beck..called him this cause had a far reaching knowledge of nuclear physics–V knowledgeable even at young age…11 or 12–
      Also mad keen on mountaineering; and tobogganing Does this trigger any ones memory ??

  15. Bill Stephenson says:

    Very pleased to find this web site. I have been involved with another organisation which is collecting an archive on the school at the LSE and which has organised reunions. I have met some of the people mentioned in the comments.

    So who am I? Well I am Stevie’s son, Bill Stephenson, although I might have been known better as Billy. I was educated at Stoatley Rough from 1951 – 1953 and then at Godalming Grammar School living all the time at the Cottage with my mother. She married again having been divorced and had a daughter and son. Sadly she died in August 1996. My email address is .

    • David Meyer says:

      Hi Bill I remember Stevie the Maths teacher right?..sorry to hear of her passing –Knew her quite well!

      • David Meyer says:

        Hi Billy–Sent you a E_Mail–hope you got it ..
        Knew your mother quite well -She was my favorite teacher there..
        I was in the cottages –so met you –and had games of chess with you –You were quite the champion..
        So nice to meet up with you once again –Hope you are doing well–
        Would love to hear from you

  16. Maike Stricker says:

    I am a teacher in a school in Krefeld, Germany. We have a new school name which is Luise-Leven-School. In a couple of weeks we`ll have a namegiving week in our school and we will do a lot of activities for the children in our school to get to know Luise Leven, the time she taught in England, her religion etc. It would be great if anyone of you could send us pictures of your schooltime, of Luise Leve or little reports of your life in school or even about Mrs. Leven.
    Greetings from Krefeld, German
    Maike Stricker

  17. John Sloane says:

    I and my sister were students at Stoatley Rough School from 1939-44. Under the name of Hans Jurgen Schleimer and Ingeborg Schleimer. Any one remember me?

    I was a student of Dr. Leven at Stoatley Rough School in Haslemere. She taught me to play the violin. At 83 years old, I still play.

  18. david says:

    Hi All of you –Well was in touch with Bill the son of Stevie the Maths -chemistry/biology teacher..We seem to remember a lot of people who were there at the same time –But seems although I can recollect him very well –He Is a bit vague as to I am
    Story of my life ! LOL
    If any one else can recall Stevie the Maths teacher and Bill her son —Would love to hear from you….
    I will be leaving for Australia on the 7th of Sept ..But thanks to the wonder of the internet, can still be contacted ..
    All the best
    David Meyer

  19. davidf meyer says:

    Hello there was in touch with Billy stevenson..The son of Stevie the maths teacher–She passed away sadly..We all new her as “Stevie”..

    But was nice to catch up with “Billy”.

    He was/is a lecturer –Billy was a “wiz” At chess–I remember he used to play several people at one time ..\..
    Stevie was a great teacher–She inspired all of us –I hated maths–But she even inspired me to enjoy some aspects of i.t..

    In fact i became so fascinated with biology –I got involved with psychiatry–So i owe this to her–Her memory;is with me to this very day..

    If any ex pupils are teachers today;never underestimate the great influence you can have on your students ..Hopefully for the good;Stevie was a great example of this I shall never forget her..Nor my deep love and admiration for her..
    Prof David

  20. David Meyer says:

    Hi Again

    Please note;; My new E-Mail ..
    thanking you all
    David Meyer

  21. David Meyer says:

    hope all is well—If any of you guys remember me please leave contact at my E-Mail

  22. david Meyer says:

    Please not my new e-mail–hope all of you have great life The site was great idea–Pity more don’t use it
    All the best
    David M Meyer

  23. david Meyer says:


  24. Prof David Meyer says:

    Hi there love to hear from any of the “Survivors” {LOL} of he old Alma Mata –Please get tin touch
    Best regards
    Prof David

  25. David Meyer says:

    Please note
    My new e-mail is ‘
    Can be contacted on Facebook Under David Meyer

  26. david meyer says:

    Hi all !
    Glad to say still in touch With Bill Stephenson–The son Of maths/biology/Chemistry..teacher –He is doing fine –Was on local council–If anyone recalls Him or his mother “Stevie”..Then please do get in touch with him or myself–My e-mail address is as follows….If you visit the site Bill has his e_mail posted
    I am retired now –would dearly love to hear from any one who remembers me –Was there as a boarder around end of 1950’s..All the best
    David Meyer

  27. david meyer says:

    Hi All!

    Please note have had to change my my-e-mail it is now
    My yahoo messenger Is

    Also have a face book page under David Meyer…..

    If any former boarder/student during the later part of the 1950’s remembers me –Would love to hear from them.

    all the best!

    David M Meyer

  28. Barry Meisel says:

    I was at Stoatley Rough between 1948 to 1950. Here are some names I remember
    Robin Sterberg, Natalie Johns, Audrey and Brenda Yason, entry Ebner, Patrick Badmin,
    Edik Scheinsicht, Helen Hororwitz, Ralph Solinder, Pavel Kraus, Gladys Americano, Ruth Linden, Freddy Zentner, Jerry Van Tetts, Wolfgang Archinhold,
    If anyone remembers any of these please contact me at
    Thank you

    • David Meyer says:

      Hi All
      Yeah Barry
      I remember Henry and Edik and cant say much about the others’ that you mentioned –

      -Edik was the head Prefect –Was not very well known by us–He really kept to himself a lot ..I remember very well the Maths teacher-And her son Billy-

      -She inspired me greatly maybe why I became a psychiatrist ‘
      ‘She was a surrogate mother” to all of us in the cottages where she was the house mistress..we were all about 10 or 11 at the time.

      .Remember Henry Ebner.. ..He was a bit of a wag..

      Thomas beck {Nickname the professor}…Micheal Deacon ;Malcolm bishop( Nickname the Bouncer};The twins John|And George –Tanis Wilson And Barbra Wilson;Sally Edleman -Her brother was the shot put champion David Edleman ..Simon Wynman was the gifted violinist —That will do for now
      Prof David Meyer

  29. wladyslaw kalisxewski says:

    Please contact me on email whoever went to Quartermaine School 1960 and knows me.

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