Anti-slavery campaigners were active in Surrey before the abolition of the slave trade and continued afterwards to help freed slaves become part of Surrey’s diverse community. Find out about these campaigners and freed slaves, such as John Springfield, through the pages of this web site.

Surrey also had anti-abolition campaigners such as Charles Nicholas Pallmer. Elected as a Member of Parliament for Surrey in 1826.

For more on Surrey’s diverse cultural heritage see, for example:

  • the Military pages (photographs of cultures encountered by the Surrey Regiments world-wide including Gurkhas and others)

Surrey History Centre has produced:

(both downloadable as pdf documents ).

Want to find out more about Black History Month? Click here.

The Black History Month campaign has launched an online timeline featuring key dates in worldwide Black History at

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  1. [...] You can view the Marvels on Surrey History Centre’s website, and see more case studies for Black History Month on Exploring Surrey’s Past. [...]

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  • 23.8.1914 News: Publicans in Reigate are asked to close an hour earlier to "allay panic, prevent undue excitement & preserve order"