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Surrey’s archives are a vast resource of written documents, maps, illustrations and photographs relating to all aspects of the history of the county. You can study the archives at Surrey History Centre in Woking.

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You might want to look at the history of your house or family. We can also help you to investigate themes such as social or political history, the development of garden design or the lives of local personalities.

At the History Centre, there are documentary sources and publications relating to local government – Quarter Sessions, the County Council and local district and parish councils; private and family papers relating to landed estates or local people; and information concerning local businesses, schools, charities, churches, clubs and societies.

The following databases containing descriptions of the archives held at Surrey History Centre can be searched on this website.

  • Surrey History Centre Collections Catalogue, gives access to the full text of the archive catalogues held by Surrey History Centre. Search for records covering the economic, religious and social history of the county.
  • Robert Barclay Illustrations. A Surrey-wide collection of prints and watercolours from the 17th to 19th centuries. 1,000 of these images are now available online. Images not online are available to view at Surrey History Centre.
  • Francis Frith Photographs, part of the national Frith archive established in 1860. A collection of over 14,000 Francis Frith photographs held by Surrey History Centre. The photographs show views of buildings, towns and villages, landscapes and people throughout Surrey from the 1880s to 1960s. Some of these images are displayed on this website with individual records. Some images are linked to the Francis Frith website, where you can view them online.
  • Collection of Surrey Illustrations. We hold a collection of over 35,000 postcards, photographs, drawings, prints, paintings and slides. 12,000 records have images available online and more are being added. Images not online are available to view at Surrey History Centre.
  • Library Maps. Surrey History Centre holds a rich array of nearly 900 published or printed maps, from town plans to county maps.
  • Journals. A collection of over 500 periodical titles and more than 40,000 separately indexed articles held by Surrey History Centre, including many publications from local history societies. You can search the titles of the articles within these journals.
  • Loseley Letters, recording the official and private correspondence of successive members of the More family of Loseley House between c.1506 and 1689. They form an important record of Tudor and Stuart life in the county.
  • Sale Particulars, a key resource for those researching their house or local history. A collection of over 5000 sale particulars held at Surrey History Centre. Other sale particulars are also held in the Surrey History Centre Collections Catalogue.

For more information about Surrey History Centre, please visit the website for opening hours, location map and further information on the range of resources held.

33 thoughts on “Archives”

  1. Arlene Schaefer says:

    I live in Unity, Maine USA and have been searching my English ancestors. I discovered that 2 of my 1 st cousins twice removed spent time in the Mayford Industrial School. They are listed in the school site as Charles Barnes 11 July 1894 -9 Aug 1905 and brother William Barnes – 27 Feb 1902.
    Is there any service that could supply me with the documents pertaining to these two young men?
    Thank you very much,
    Arlene in Maine

    1. Michael reed says:

      hi,Arlene what was the countie this happened or your looking for I’m in surrey,uk.michael.

  2. N Hawes says:

    Looking for North homewood or holmwood Atholmdell surrey a boarding school in a house in 1948, there were woods a the back.

    1. Michael reed says:

      hi,N hawes,your post is interesting,could you be thinking southolmwood I was in a children’s home in southolmwood,next village to northolmwood,iv’e never heard of one in northolmwood and I was in the one at southolmwood from 1959,and there is a common(wood) as you call it,now owned by the national trust.this home was a LCC(London county council property).you can also go to Woking history centre in surrey to get more information,happy to help you more,Michael.

  3. Chris Rice says:

    Hi I am trying to locate a picture of North Street Redhill pre 1960 for my mum. Can you help me?

    1. Michael reed says:

      hi,Chris there’s a book called frith publications on all country places round surrey,seen the one for Dorking,also go on Facebook group Dorking ,redhill and join these group there’s a lot of old and new photo’s,

  4. Teresa Evans says:

    Hello can you tell me how long did the lings live at rook farm chaldon my great grandmother was Matilda ling

  5. Diane Stoodley-Howe says:

    Mty father, Sergeant George Stoodley was in the Tenth Training Unit stationed at Frimley Manor during WW2 around 1942-1943, Looking for information regarding this unit. He referred to it as The Tenth Special. Appreciated any feedback

  6. Christine Sandell says:

    I have just returned to Aust after a few weeks in Epsom/Cheam/Worcester Park. My husband lived in Summerville Gardens, Cheam during the 60’s. We used to go into an espresso coffee bar in The village just up from the Harrow. Can anyone remember the name of the coffee bar?
    Christine Sandell I attended Chatsworth Road school fro. 1959 to 1963.

    1. marion moden says:


      Yes, I remember the coffee bar there. We grew up in Cheam. I don’t think I ever went in there, but I will ask my younger sister if she can recall the name of it, as she used to go in with her friends I seem to remember.

      Let me know if you’ve already found out!


      1. Christine Sandell says:

        Greeting from down under.

        I did some investigations myself and contacted a few shops in the area of the coffee bar. I used google maps to get the names of the shops. One of them was Truelove, the funeral directors, that has been in the same location for many years. One of the employees had a friend who used to go to the coffee bar. It was The Harlequin.

        So thank you for following up on this subject. Christine

        1. colin brown says:

          Ah yes the Harlequin.I met my future wife there in 1960.We were married for 54 years

  7. Suzanne Rose says:


    I live in what I believe was the doctors house’ for the sanitarium at Royal Holloway
    attached to the chapel in Stroude Rd, Virginia Water, GU25 rBY. The property is Grade II listed. I am very interested in the history of the property and old photo’s. Are you able to help me please? I’d be grateful for a reply and any information you may have.

    Thank you.

  8. Michelle wrightson says:

    Could anyone tell me what the name is of the local paper that covered the Worcester park area in the 1950’s?

    Many thanks

    1. Michael reed says:

      hi,Hounslow near Heathrow.

  9. sandra says:

    Hello, I am trying to find anything to do with St. Margarets Mother & Baby Home in Woking, Surrey.

    1. Louisa gregson says:

      Hi Sandra,

      What information are you looking for?


  10. Dennis says:

    Hi, during 1948 I attended a boarding school owned by Miss Windsor and Miss Shelton. It was near Woking and the Basingstoke canal. Would like to find the address of the school.

  11. Mrs S Sweatman says:

    Can anyone tell me the Sutton Pioneer Cycling Club around 1935/6. My father-in-law was the Captain of the Racing team. He won several cups and medals.

  12. Mrs S Sweatman says:

    Can anyone tell me about the Sutton Pioneer Cycling Club. My father in law was the Captain of the racing Team. This would have been about 1935/6. He won several cups and medals.

  13. sue commerford says:

    Hi I am trying to find a photo of sunbury cross in the 1900’s or before the shops and flats were built. I believe my great grand parents had a business there, he was a wheelwright and coach builder

  14. Beth McGee-Russell says:

    I’m trying to discover who my family doctor was back in 1965. My family lived at 50 Upland Road, Sutton Surrey.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  15. Daniel Phelan says:

    I’m trying to find out about a story in a newspaper about 2 children that drowned in the river Wey back in the 1920s there was a story in the paper at the time as I had a copy sent to me in Australia but I’ve lost it. The Parents names were William John Long and wife Mary Agnes Long children’s name were Colin Long and Kathleen Long. They were my aunt and uncle before I was born and their parents obviously my Grandparents. I think at the time they lived in Church Street Old Woking. Hope you can direct me in the right direction. Best Regards Daniel Phelan.

    1. Jane Cavell says:

      John Walter Coley Long (aged 8) and Kathleen Caroline May [or Mary?] Long (aged 3) of 5 Church Street, Old Woking, were both buried on 12 July 1924 at Woking St Peter. A note in the margin of the burial register says ‘Drowned in River Wey on the Broadmead & buried together in the same coffin’. The tragedy was reported in a lot of English newspapers (which call the boy Coley): you can see some via the British Newspaper Archive website or Findmypast.

    2. Michael reed says:

      hi,Daniel,you want to get onto Woking history centre,in Woking.

  16. Carole Mills says:

    I am looking for information on Tigbourne Court in Wormley which is where my mum lived before she moved to the unmarried mother and baby home at Birdhurdt Lodge, South Croydon.

  17. Philip Knight says:

    Are there any photos of the concrete Air Raid Shelter on ground at the meeting of Middle Hill with Egham Hill? I lived in Clifton House where i was born until about 1955 and remember my older brothers making small camps on the wasteland beside the house where the Air Raid Shelter, a bit like a small underpass, lay.

  18. Sandra Gibbs says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of a photo taken by a local newspaper of 3 little boys playing ‘I’m the king of the castle’ by Tatsfield pond in the 1960’s please? It was my hubby & his two brothers. As it’s his 60th soon would be lovely to track down a copy.

  19. william dewdney says:

    Hi everybody.
    My name is William D Dewdney, I am currently looking for any family, living or dead, with my family name (DEWDNEY).
    They were born, married and died in the area of Dorking, Reigate Horsham, Capel, Rusper and South Holmwood, known to us as the magic triangle.
    I have much info about my family but any snippets on info you could furnish me with would be a great help, also if you are looking for this family name then i might be able to help you?

    Kind Regards, Bill.

    1. Michael reed says:

      hi,bill go on Facebook and southolmwood group on there,some one will the name if your family name were ever in southolmwood.michael

  20. Dr Suzannah Portway says:


    In early 1970’s, as very very little people, my older brother and I went to The Dell School in Woking. I have some vague recollections and would so love to see any images or history of the school.

  21. M hearn says:

    Trying to find out where the records for HIGHFIELD maternity. Home West Byfleet are
    I was born there in 1943
    grateful for any info on this
    michael Hearn

  22. Leanne Harman says:

    Hi my father lived in Banstead Surrey until he was 17. He lived through the war. He told me that he has seen a picture which was an after war street party in Diceland Road, it was in 1945.He was in that picture with his brother and sister. Im trying to get a copy of this photo. Could you please check for me please. Thankyou Leanne

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