Black History Month

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I do love to discover new and interesting websites for either local or family history, and for me the two are inevitably intertwined!

Jamaican Family History logoMy friend and colleague Di Stiff (who you will be meeting on this blog next week!) has introduced me to an amazing website for anyone researching their Caribbean family history, the wonderful Jamaican Family History website.

This is a fantastic site created by a lady named Patricia Jackson who has put together a fascinating collection of helpful research guides, including a ‘How Do I Begin’ page, along with a history of Jamaica, a glossary, a bibliography and a guide to where to find records. If this wasn’t enough, there are also several transcribed records such as the 1878 Kingston City Directory. Some pages are reserved for members (which I think is fair enough) but it’s an amazing resource and one that I have really enjoyed exploring.

Screen shot from the website on the National Archives websiteIncidentally, there’s another great website on a similar subject called Moving Here. Although this website is now archived by the National Archives, it’s still a brilliant resource with some amazing migration stories.

While we celebrate Black History month every year, perhaps in light of recent events this is a time to reflect on why we celebrate and concentrate on the history of one part of our vibrant and gloriously diverse community. The stories behind Black History in this country don’t always make easy reading for anyone of any background. However, if nothing else they remind us that we are an island made up of many origins, colours and cultures, all of which make us a wonderful sum of its parts.

As faBlack History 365 logomily historians, we should all celebrate our unique and special heritage and remind ourselves that while everyone has their own story to tell, our home is the bond that ties us all together. Perhaps we should take guidance from Jamaica’s wonderful motto “Out of Many, One People”. I think that says it all, don’t you?

Keep safe and well and Happy Researching!

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