Struggling to say Goodbye to Suffrage!

January 3, 201912:31 pmLeave a Comment

Hello again and a Happy New Year to all our readers. It has been a while since I last wrote a blog but felt it was important to give you all a bit of an update on what Rosie and I have been up to over the last couple of months. Well November was very […]

Brick Walls – and why I don’t like them!

The term ‘Brick Wall’ has crept into the language of family history research and seems set to stay.  You can’t pick up a book or a magazine article which doesn’t offer advice on how to break one down, climb over one, battle through one –any day now I’m expecting an article on how to pole […]

Being Friendly

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As anyone following this blog will know, I’ve just returned from a wonderful genealogical jaunt in Scotland where I enjoyed tracing my ancestors and walking in their footsteps.  We family historians have a slightly morbid interest in graves and headstones and as such, my friend (and partner in all things genealogical) and I spent several […]

A Family History ‘Staycation’!

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This isn’t a blog, it’s a quick reminder about some family history courses we are running during the summer! Anyone new to family history research (or simply wanting to make sure that they’ve covered all the basics) might like to join our Beginning Your Family History workshop which is being run on Saturday 7th July.  […]

Scottish Research

Hello – I’m back! What an amazing holiday I had in Scotland tracing my ancestors with my wonderful friend Jill, who was invaluable in helping me soak up so much information on my Scottish forebears. Visiting the Scotland’s People Centre and the National Records of Scotland was certainly one of the highlights of the trip […]

Hello from Scotland!

When you read this blog I shall be conducting a little ancestral tourism in Scotland! Although I shall be ferreting away in the Scotland’s People centre and the National Records of Scotland, the main reason is to actually see where my ancestors lived and worked and walk a little way in their footsteps. Like similar […]

A Great Story!

I do love a good story and if you are lucky enough to work in an archive as I do, you can find great stories in practically every document you look through.  A friend and colleague here at Surrey History Centre has been working with volunteers to catalogue a wonderful collection of photographs by Woking […]

New and Exciting Acquisitions!

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Just a quick word to advise on some new acquisitions in the last couple of months. On the parish front, we have taken in some more parish registers from Ottershaw, Headley (Hampshire), Shalford, Fetcham, Merton, and Nork.  We’ve also acquired Nonconformist records from Wey Valley and Kingston upon Thames Methodist Circuits and we also now hold […]

Netting a Good Catch!

I’m a great believer in always checking original sources and never relying on transcripts or indexes.  However, just occasionally I found that it is better to let an expert in on the act.  This came home to me recently when I was researching some of my Lincolnshire fishing ancestors. Now, as someone who feels slightly […]

Different Sites for Different Folks!

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I was chatting to a friend at the weekend (someone as obsessed with family as I am, if that’s possible!) and we were celebrating the fact that she had found some information on a rather elusive ancestor. She had first started researching this particular chap over 10 years ago, but with little success. She had […]