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Lockdown Records on the Surrey HER

September 4, 20203:07 pmLeave a Comment

Five new things added to the Surrey HER in recent months. Since lockdown measures were introduced by the UK Government on 23 March 2020, much of the normal working life of the country ground to a halt. Not, however, the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER). As a team, we’ve been working from home to ensure […]

The Golf Course in Surrey’s Historic Landscape – Part 2

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Imprinted in the landscape Part 1 of our examination of archaeological records held in the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) established how the county’s golf courses are imprinted in its historic landscape. This can be traced from the recorded emergence of the sport in England – in Surrey to be precise – in the mid-18th […]

The Golf Course in Surrey’s Historic Landscape – Part 1

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In July 2017 the Ordnance Survey released an open dataset comprising the land coverage of green spaces and their uses in Great Britain. In Surrey, golf courses were found to cover 2.65% of the county’s total area. The average for Britain was 0.54%. With this same dataset arranged by Local Authority, Woking Borough took the […]

Boundary of Lagham Park on John Rocque's map of Surrey

Lagham Park Historic Landscape Survey, South Godstone

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Between December 2019 and early March 2020, members of the Surrey Historic Environment Record team were engaged in a project very different to anything we’d done before; a study of a sizeable tract of land around the village of South Godstone in east Surrey to identify previously-unrecorded historic landscape features and to develop a better […]

Placards and statues at Black Lives Matter protest in Parliament Square, Westminster, June 2020

Legacies of slavery and colonialism on the Surrey HER

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The name of the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) makes clear it covers things that were created or happened in the past – hence why the HER Officer has been known to quip that, no matter how efficiently the team works, its workload gets larger by the day. But this does not mean it exists […]

Stay Home, Save Lives, and discover more about the historic landscapes of Surrey

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In common with all non-essential workers, HER team members are now working from home or, in the case of one of the HER Assistants, in a redeployed role as part of Surrey County Council’s frontline response efforts to the Coronavirus outbreak (for further information and advice please see the dedicated pages on the Surrey County […]

Having a field day with Lidar in the Surrey HER

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Since the start of the year, the Surrey HER has been involved with some exciting endeavours in addition to all of the usual public queries and recording tasks, including producing a presentation that can be delivered at public meetings and events, and writing up a landscape survey project based on Lagham Park at South Godstone […]

What goes into Surrey HER’s records: navigating further through Coxes Lock on the Wey Navigation

December 2, 20197:02 pmLeave a Comment

Are you curious about the information held in the Historic Environment Record (HER), the most comprehensive database of Surrey’s historic environment? The HER and the team are here to help you understand the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys of the county’s archaeology. Last month’s post, ‘What the Surrey HER could do for you’, recounted […]

What the Surrey HER could do for you: digging deeper for answers in Horsell

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What does the Surrey Historic Environment Record team do all day? Answer: all sorts! Undoubtedly the biggest chunk of our day-to-day activities relates to work undertaken as part of the planning process. This encompasses the supply of HER data to commercial consultants to inform reports, assisting our Planning Archaeologist colleagues with queries, and adding the […]

A walk through the historic environment of the Surrey Hills

July 17, 201911:35 amLeave a Comment

Apologies that there’s been no HER blog for a while now. It’s been a challenging time in Surrey HER-land over the past three months or so, since our esteemed colleague Andrew Dearlove departed for a new role at the Humber HER back up in his homeland of Yorkshire. As a result, the rest of the […]