Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Hello from Scotland!

When you read this blog I shall be conducting a little ancestral tourism in Scotland! Although I shall be ferreting away in the Scotland’s People centre and the National Records of Scotland, the main reason is to actually see where my ancestors lived and worked and walk a little way in their footsteps. Like similar […]

A Great Story!

I do love a good story and if you are lucky enough to work in an archive as I do, you can find great stories in practically every document you look through.  A friend and colleague here at Surrey History Centre has been working with volunteers to catalogue a wonderful collection of photographs by Woking […]

New and Exciting Acquisitions!

April 13, 201810:30 amLeave a Comment

Just a quick word to advise on some new acquisitions in the last couple of months. On the parish front, we have taken in some more parish registers from Ottershaw, Headley (Hampshire), Shalford, Fetcham, Merton, and Nork.  We’ve also acquired Nonconformist records from Wey Valley and Kingston upon Thames Methodist Circuits and we also now hold […]

Netting a Good Catch!

I’m a great believer in always checking original sources and never relying on transcripts or indexes.  However, just occasionally I found that it is better to let an expert in on the act.  This came home to me recently when I was researching some of my Lincolnshire fishing ancestors. Now, as someone who feels slightly […]

Different Sites for Different Folks!

March 9, 201812:02 amLeave a Comment

I was chatting to a friend at the weekend (someone as obsessed with family as I am, if that’s possible!) and we were celebrating the fact that she had found some information on a rather elusive ancestor. She had first started researching this particular chap over 10 years ago, but with little success. She had […]

Scandal and Gossip!

February 9, 201812:02 amLeave a Comment

I’ve been indexing some workhouse records recently and I came across something interesting in the Dorking Union birth register (SHC Reference BG2/37/1). An illegitimate child was born to an Eliza Sawyers on 10 November 1844. The child was named James Fryday [sic] Sawyers and was baptised in Dorking Church on 8th December 1844. In that […]

Family Search

January 26, 201812:02 amLeave a Comment

I’ve been having a lovely time recently playing with the Family Search site.  They have changed it recently so you now have to register and log in every time you use it but I hope that this doesn’t put people off using it because it really is a fantastic resource.  It is well worth registering […]


January 12, 201812:02 amLeave a Comment

Well, here’s to 2018! Anyone made any resolutions? I should say here and now that I don’t make resolutions, mainly because I’m pretty sure that they are going to get broken!! This is why the Gym Ball is still in the attic, the language course is still in the box and I’ve still not been […]

Seasons Greetings!

December 29, 201710:43 amLeave a Comment

Hello! Sorry not to have blogged for a few weeks but the combination of stock check closures, Christmas and a particularly virulent flu-ey cold which went through Surrey History Centre staff like the proverbial dose of salts, has meant that I’ve been out of commission for a while. The new year often brings us lots […]

Archives – the story continues!!

December 8, 20172:27 pmLeave a Comment

One of our archivists regularly sends around a list of all the archives we have acquired during the last month so that we can all be aware of what has lately arrived. The contents of the list are many and varied and just for November, there are a few items we have received which might excite […]