Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Seasons Greetings!

December 29, 201710:43 amLeave a Comment

Hello! Sorry not to have blogged for a few weeks but the combination of stock check closures, Christmas and a particularly virulent flu-ey cold which went through Surrey History Centre staff like the proverbial dose of salts, has meant that I’ve been out of commission for a while. The new year often brings us lots […]

Archives – the story continues!!

December 8, 20172:27 pmLeave a Comment

One of our archivists regularly sends around a list of all the archives we have acquired during the last month so that we can all be aware of what has lately arrived. The contents of the list are many and varied and just for November, there are a few items we have received which might excite […]

Browse and Ye Shall Find….!!!!

November 17, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

Now here’s a question which I hope will incite some comment! Are we, as family historians, getting lazy? I pose this question as I’ve had an interesting couple of days helping people to use Ancestry and FindMyPast here at the History Centre. One case, not an unusual situation, was that a researcher couldn’t find someone […]

Family History Software

November 10, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

Okay –confession time – I’m a little bit geeky! I love my iphone and ipad (other manufacturers are available) and I’m quite happy footling around Pinterest looking for new family history tips and techniques. Consequently I’m always being asked to recommend family tree software as people perceive me as ‘someone who knows all about these […]

A Random Harvest

November 3, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

I have an allotment!  When I am not wading through both my and other people’s ancestors, you can often find me wading through raspberry canes, potato beds and courgette plants – and like family history, the results of my labour are not always predictable. This year I grew two varieties of fancy bean, which turned […]

All the Fun of the Fair!

October 27, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

On Saturday 4th November the West Surrey Family History Society will be hosting their annual Family History Fair at Woking Leisure Centre.  This is a great event my colleagues Justine and Isabel and I will be ‘flying the flag’ for Surrey History Centre and Seeking Surrey Ancestors (you can’t miss me; I’m a tall woman […]

Application and Report Books

October 20, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

I’ve mentioned before my love affair with poor law records but every now and then I come across something which changes from simple love to full-blown, hero worshipping adoration. This is the case with the Application and Report Books. I first came across these when, several years ago, I was searching for someone among the […]

Support your Local Library (and Archive!)

October 13, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

It’s National Library Week! This gives me just the prompt I need for talking about some of the wonderful resources that you can find in archives and libraries – and not just the big family history websites. Your local library is a great resource which people are inclined to forget about. For example, in addition […]

Surprises – Good and Bad!

October 6, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

I must be a relatively hard-hearted individual as I’ve never been able to weep copiously over an ancestor who died over 200 years ago. Sure, I’m sympathetic to the plight of a mother who lost her baby to influenza or a young man dying of TB at only 20, but these things happened a very […]

Poor Rates and Overseers

September 29, 201712:02 amLeave a Comment

Last week I started to talk about Poor Law records and how much I enjoyed using them. However, one thing that often gets overlooked is that these records don’t just record who benefits from the poor law, but also all those people who paid the poor rates. Poor Rate Books can be found in many […]