Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Not the Marrying Kind…

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My parents both worked from time to time in the theatre and as a child our house was full of lively and rather colourful characters, some of whom stayed for a few days and others (as my mother put it) came for the season – particularly the panto season over Christmas! All adults to me […]

Lancashire Lovelies!

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If, like me, you are blessed with Lancashire forebears you could do no better than visit the excellent website OnLine Parish Clerks project for the County of Lancashire. It states that it aims “…to extract and preserve the records from the various parishes and to provide online access to that data, FREE of charge, along […]

That’s Entertainment

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As family historians we might well have searched through the announcements to births, marriages and deaths in the newspapers.  If we found we might have a bit of a ‘crim’ in the family, we might search for any of their misdeeds reported (it has to be said) with a certain amount of relish in the […]

Scotland’s People

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I have a friend who is a genealogist and expert on Irish and Scottish family history research. I have mentioned her very useful site Irish Geneaography  several times and there is some great stuff there about the Scottish in Ireland. However, she has just used her extensive knowledge of using the wonderful Scotland’s People website […]

Babes in the Workhouse!

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I had an enquiry the other day which highlighted the importance of being flexible when we search for our ancestors. The lady in question was very surprised to find that among the 8 children born to a particular couple in Thames Ditton, one had not been baptised. Since the child in question was her direct […]

Long Lost Families

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Did anyone else see the Long Lost Family special episodes about foundlings a few of weeks ago?  Weren’t they amazing and are you still reaching for the tissues?  I know I am.  I thought it was wonderful to see people having so many questions answered and being able to reach out to family members and […]

Welcome Back – First Steps to Re-Opening Surrey History Centre

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So, after several months of lockdown, Surrey History Centre and many other archives and libraries are beginning to (tentatively) re-open. It will be so good to see you all back!!  We’ve missed our researchers so much and although we’ve enjoyed corresponding with everyone, it is so frustrating not to be able to provide the face-to-face […]

Manorial Records for the Terrified

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‘Manorial’ records might appear a bit of a niche interest: if typing such a word, you may find autocorrect functions urge you to replace it with ‘monorail’.   Nevertheless, record offices hold these records in large quantities, and they have a lot of potential to help genealogists. Court rolls can survive up to 1925 (when manors […]

Asking Nicely!

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I’m a great believer in the old adage that if you don’t ask, you don’t get!  I was struck forcibly with this when I was trying to research my great-uncle Harold. My father was born into a sparse but fairly wealthy family on his mother’s side.  My great-grandfather had built up a prosperous cotton mill […]

An Amazing Achievement!

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I work with some pretty amazing people who in turn work with some pretty amazing volunteers.  I wanted to highlight some of the work that my colleague Kirsty Bennett has been co-ordinating for the Surrey in the Great War project – compiling the Surrey in the Great War Newspaper Index, particularly as they have reached […]