Seeking Surrey Ancestors

New Releases!

June 26, 20205:19 amLeave a Comment

It’s always well worth keeping an eye on what’s new on family history sites.  This recent email from Family Search highlighted quite a few new indexes and also some that have been extended or added to recently.  These are the English and Irish releases (nothing for Scotland or Wales this month!) with the new releases […]


June 23, 20205:57 amLeave a Comment

Do you ever get distracted when doing your family history research?  Oh, please say you do because it happens to me all the time!  Most of my distractions come from finding interesting and odd pieces in local newspapers and this happened only the other day when I was searching for information about a Jewish family […]

A Safe Deposit

June 19, 20206:40 amLeave a Comment

Is anyone else out there desperate for Charity Shops to re-open?  I’ve been tidying, sorting, bagging, re-sorting, stuffing bin bags into the attic – honestly, there is nothing more to sort and tidy.  Thank goodness the dumps (sorry, Recycling Centres) are re-opening as at least I can get rid of the stuff that truly no […]

A Place of Refuge

June 16, 20206:15 amLeave a Comment

I remember back in the 80s, I was working for a firm of accountants in the city.  By and large they were a great bunch of people and I particularly loved working with the interns, who were taking their Articles and came from very diverse backgrounds.  It was when I had just begun to take […]


June 12, 20206:27 amLeave a Comment

It’s a bit of a conundrum really. How can being apart bring us closer together?  If the last few weeks have taught us anything it is about staying connected.  The TV adverts are full of it; we are being exhorted to keep in touch – to reach out to our family and friends, and it’s […]

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Family History

June 9, 20206:39 amLeave a Comment

You know how doctors never admit to their occupation at parties lest they get cornered by someone describing their varicose veins (or worse!)?  Well, the same could be said for genealogists.  However, in my case I quite enjoy that as I love to hear stories about other people’s families as they are invariably more interesting […]

For what it’s worth!

June 5, 20206:04 amLeave a Comment

My grandmother had a tin moneybox which was divided into 6 compartments labelled:  Rent, Gas, Electricity, Food, Transport and Sundries.  Every time she came back from shopping she would empty her purse and carefully put the change into one or other of these slots (she presumably had a system that I was unaware of) or […]

Reading the Instructions!

June 2, 20206:20 amLeave a Comment

I blogged a week or so ago about algorithms and how they can influence how we search on genealogical databases.  As I suggested, often factors completely beyond our control can impact on the way we search and retrieve information. However, quite a lot of the searching we do on genealogical databases can be greatly enhanced […]

Surrey Boundaries!

May 29, 20206:23 amLeave a Comment

Last year I was working away in the History Centre when a lovely American couple pitched up in reception with that excited and keen look on their faces which any family historian will recognise – yes, a follow enthusiast! They were so delighted to be with us and yet we had to deliver them some […]

Love Your Local History Society!

May 27, 20205:50 amLeave a Comment

Whenever people contact us to ask about a specific area in Surrey, often following a vague or ambiguous reference on a census return or in a legal document, one of our first thoughts is “Does this area have a local history group?”  Why?  Well, because members of these groups have conducted hours of research, in […]