Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Ancestry for Free!

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Ancestry are providing free access at this time to the Surrey History Centre records on their site, including Surrey parish registers, electoral registers, hospital records and much more. All you need do is click on the link below You will then need to sign in (button at top right of the Ancestry website). If […]


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When I win the lottery (which as I think I’ve mentioned before, I expect any day now!) I will donate a sum of money to the History Centre to pay for a large sign over the door which states “People Moved Around” – because they do!  It is one of family history’s enduring myths that […]

An Amazing Resource!

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I’m very conscious that there are a lot of people out there who are ‘confined to barracks’ to use a military term!  It is so important that we stay at home but equally important that we keep ourselves fit and well in both mind and body.  Over to Joe Wicks for the latter but we […]

Remembering Family Stories

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Years ago, I was out with my mother strolling along the seafront in Colwyn Bay near where I grew up.  It was a lovely, hot sunny day (and trust me, if you grow up in North Wales you appreciate the rare treat of hot sunny days!) and my mother startled me by announcing that this […]


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I think I may have mentioned before that I’m not very au fait with social media, although I’m getting better.  However, recently I’ve got slightly addicted to Pinterest. For anyone who doesn’t know (and I didn’t until quite recently) it’s a sort of search engine for images. I discovered it as I’m a keen crafter […]

Love Your Library Service!

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What’s not to love about libraries – particularly Surrey ones?  Well, nothing really!  It’s a shame that just at present we are unable to get books out but there is so much more to Surrey Library Service than simply paper books! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! E-books: A great selection […]

Homework Time!

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Palaeography Practice! Okay – homework time!  You may not be able to get to record offices and local studies libraries just at present but, like so many children ‘home-schooling’ at the moment, this is a great time to revise some essential skills for the family historian! Palaeography (that is, reading old documents) is a bit […]

Getting Organised!

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Isn’t it amazing how much ‘stuff’ gets generated by studying family history?  All those certificates, print-outs, maps, photocopies, etc – it’s incredible just how quickly they all build up and how easy it is for it all to get out of hand.  In short, you can become swamped! So how do we keep it all […]

Image of Rachel Warren SHC ref: 2377

The Spinsters’ Select Seaside Syndicate

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Written by Jane Lewis My family home for many years was in the small village of Llanfairfechan in North Wales. You have probably never heard of it but if you have every travelled along the A55 towards Holyhead, you have certainly been through it! Blessed with glorious mountains and a stunning beach, Llanfairfechan has always […]

Virtual Family History Research

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Travelling to family history fairs is not an option at the moment but that does not mean that we can’t take advantage of some of the wonderful resources to be found online. Every year Family Search hosts the HUGE 4 day Rootstech family history fair in Salt Lake City and by all accounts it is […]