Seeking Surrey Ancestors

You’re Never Too Young!

April 3, 20206:15 amLeave a Comment

I’ve got a friend with three children, two of them school age, who is already finding it tough to be incarcerated in the house with a schedule of home schooling.  Hats off to all parents and teachers who are trying to make this difficult situation as easy and stress-free as possible. However, this got me […]

Findmypast for Surrey Residents

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Important notice for Surrey residents. Family history website Findmypast is offering limited free access to its digitised records to Surrey residents confined to barracks so they can continue (or indeed begin) to explore their family’s history from home. Please note that the number of records that can be downloaded through this means is subject to […]

Digging Up The Past!

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Surrey History Centre is a great place to work!  Not only do we house our wonderful Surrey Ancestors but also share space and so much more with the Surrey County Archaeological Unit. Now as far as I see it, there is little to choose between archaeologists and family historians.  Both are dogged in their determination […]

Anniversaries of Alice

Bored? Bewildered? Exhausted by online browsing?

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If you’re looking for online learning or something fun and creative for the kids to do then we hope the following resources will help bust the boredom during the current lockdown. Channel your creativity, be inspired and learn something new with the selection of free on-line educational and entertaining resources offered by Surrey Heritage and […]

Family History for Free!

I do like a bargain!  While I spend a fair amount on my family history resource (I subscribe to, Find My Past and belong to several family history societies) when it comes to wasting money, I’m as tight as a wet knot!  I don’t ever believe in paying for anything you don’t have to […]

Share your experiences of life during Shutdown

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Your Surrey COVID19 Journal These are challenging and exceptional times. Few, if any of us will have experienced such a seismic shift in our daily lives in so short a time. Within just a few days and weeks long-laid plans have been postponed or cancelled, pubs, restaurants, shops, churches, sporting and leisure activities have been […]

What’s in a Name?

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love my job and one of the many bonuses that comes along with being genealogist is the discovery of some cracking names. I thought I’d share a few I’ve come across recently: Savage Bear I was helping someone search for some ancestors who he thought were in […]


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You know when you were a child and you complained to your mother that you were bored – did she ever come back with “Well, you could tidy your room up” or “You could help me dust the living room”.  I know my mum did and that wasn’t necessarily the suggestion I was hoping for. […]

Re-opening of Surrey History Centre

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Surrey History Centre will be opening its doors once again on 21st July 2020 to researchers wishing to access its unique archive and local studies collections. Please check the Surrey History Centre website ( For further information and updates see: Visiting Surrey History Centre and Surrey History Centre Opening Hours We are still asking people […]

Sometimes it’s Hard to be a Woman!

In the immortal words of Tammy Wynette “Sometimes it’s Hard to be a Woman” and there’s no getting around the fact that a study of women’s history over the last few thousand years has shown that in most cases, until frighteningly recently, women have definitely received the fuzzy end of the lollipop. The anniversary of […]