Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Researching Together

March 3, 20202:36 pmLeave a Comment

There are two great adages I tend to follow when I’m researching my family history.  The first is that two heads are better than one.  The second is, when you hear galloping hooves, expect horses not zebras. Let me elaborate! My friend and genealogical partner in crime Jill and I headed off to Suffolk last […]

Unsung Heroes

January 23, 20202:01 pmLeave a Comment

I do hope that everyone who reads this blog enjoys visiting archives and local studies libraries around the UK – I certainly do and I enjoy seeing how other libraries and record offices work. We are never shy of adopting ideas to make our service more streamlined and user-friendly. However, I wonder how many of […]

Ask the Experts!

December 12, 201912:32 pmLeave a Comment

You know that old chestnut that we women trot out about men not asking for directions or reading instructions (usually after the even older chestnut of women not being able to read maps!)? Well, something struck me the other day about both sexes being guilty of not asking for help. I was at the TNA […]

Joining and Sharing!

November 21, 201910:50 amLeave a Comment

I’m sorry I’ve not blogged for a few weeks but I’ve been a little preoccupied with giving talks and workshops around the county. I love my work as a heritage assistant and genealogist at Surrey History Centre and I love sharing and exploring ideas through visiting different societies and making new friends through my workshops.  […]

Boundaries – and where to find them!

October 17, 20198:52 amLeave a Comment

Working in the History Centre is a lovely job and we all try to cultivate a well-rounded knowledge of our various finding aids and helping everyone else to find and exploit all the amazing resources we hold. However, we are all human and most people working here will have an ‘Achilles heel’ of some sort […]

What’s in a Name?

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Let me tell you a funny story – well, not rib-achingly funny but amusing.  When Jill, my genealogical partner in crime and I were exhibiting at the Family History Fair in Esher last year, we were visited by Charles Tucker, the archivist and genealogical advisor for the London Beth Din Synagogue.  He and Jill had […]

Let’s Google!

September 13, 20199:48 amLeave a Comment

I love Google (other search engines are available) and I love the fact that To Google has been accepted by the OED as a verb.  However, I often forget that Google can be a boon to family historians – in so many ways. Firstly Google host a number of books and publications which include family […]

Window Documents!

August 23, 201911:45 amLeave a Comment

I’ve been indexing the Returns of Prisoners for the Quarter Sessions and Assizes.  There are some very sad cases among the collection, particularly for women who have been accused of concealing a birth (usually when the baby died) or for people with clear mental health issues but sometimes the collection does have a lighter side. […]

Expect the Unexpected!

August 9, 20198:23 amLeave a Comment

  When you are sitting out on the foyer at the Surrey History Centre, you never really know what type of questions will come your way, either by ‘phone or from people visiting.  We’ve been asked such diverse questions as ‘How many statues of Queen Victoria are there in Surrey?’ to ‘What time are they […]

An Exciting Decade!

July 26, 20199:34 amLeave a Comment

Have you ever stopped to think about what an important decade the 1830s was and just how many social changes were undertaken or begun during these 10 years?  Let’s look at some of the transformations that were made in this decade and how they have affected us family historians. 1832:  Great Reform Act:  Well, okay, […]