Seeking Surrey Ancestors

Social Media

June 19, 201912:00 pmLeave a Comment

I don’t think I use social media for family history research as much as I should. I have a friend in Kent who enthusiastically searches various Facebook pages for snippets of information and genealogical gems but to date, I’ve been a bit reluctant to do the same. I am a bit of a Pinterest fan […]

Unusual Documents

May 23, 20191:59 pmLeave a Comment

There is a danger in family history that we can become a little entrenched in our ways.  We stick to familiar documents such as the census and parish registers and sometimes ignore the wealth of other resources lodged in record offices, local studies libraries and archives scattered across the world.  I think the internet is […]

Holistic Family History

April 30, 201910:17 amLeave a Comment

Anyone who knows me or who has been on any of my family history courses will know how I bang on about holistic family history research.  That is, not just researching the person but the landscape and environment around them.  Often when we can’t find out about our individual ancestors it can be a great […]

A Jewish Journey

April 12, 20192:43 pmLeave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago I was very honoured to be invited to go on Nicky Patrick’s (@NickyPatrick1) radio programme on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex. Nicky is a great friend to the History Centre and we always enjoy working with her. When she asked me to come along and do a bit of a […]

Indian Summer!

March 22, 20192:54 pmLeave a Comment

I’ve not blogged for weeks! I’m so sorry but I’ve just returned from a fantastic holiday in India. Don’t worry, I’m not going to show you all my holiday snaps but this one of the Taj Mahal was a particularly breath-taking view. Lots of people have asked me if I was doing family history research […]

Read All About It!

February 20, 20198:20 amLeave a Comment

I do love historic newspapers and I’m always amazed just how many of my ancestors (or anyone’s ancestors for that matter) get into them! They are such a wonderful resource and so many are now online that it is just too tempting to get side-tracked by the wealth of stories and trivia that they supply. […]

Working Women

February 8, 20197:49 amLeave a Comment

Working Women My friend is taking an online course with through Royal Holloway, University of London on the History of Women’s Rights. It looks fascinating and, of course, very topical just now. As she was telling me about the course, and as we are both ridiculously obsessed family historians, we got to chatting about the […]

Coincidences and Communication!

January 18, 20199:20 amLeave a Comment

Here’s an interesting coincidence; I have a colleague here at the History Centre who’s grandmother worked in the same factory as an ancestor of mine in Leigh in Lancashire.  What are the odds that two people meeting in a Record Office in Surrey might have that connection? Similarly, I met another friend and colleague here […]

Scandal and Fraud!

December 20, 20181:42 pmLeave a Comment

I’ve really enjoyed indexing the returns of prisoners in the quarter sessions and assizes (now available on our website) and although some of the stories are rather sad, some are quite funny and some quite intriguing. Take the case of Francis Alexander McCaull Smyth. In November 1912 he appeared before the quarter sessions court for […]

Sorting, Cleaning, Indexing and so much more!

December 6, 20182:59 pmLeave a Comment

We’re stock-checking for the next couple of weeks and having to do all those jobs we’ve been putting off because we can’t do them when we are open to the public. This is not always the best fun, I can tell you. It often involves intense physical work (re-shelving documents) cleaning documents (which can be […]