File of papers relating to Ethel Smyth's musical works

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  1. noreen siba says:

    Do you loan out DVS on Surrey?

    I organise groups on local wildlife and geography

  2. John Harvey says:

    Can I have access to the punishment records for Banstead Hall Approved school ?

    1. Christina Chan says:

      Hi my Father Mr C Hill was in the Surrey Home Guard Base in Mitcham is there any records I can look at Please , as I am doing family history It be lovely to have some record of what he did

      1. Ian says:

        You could try the website of the West Surrey Family History Society, which covers the Parish of Mitcham.

        Home guard service records can be obtained from the Ministry of Defence on the website. There is a cost & it is probable to be one or two sheets of A4 with basic details, rather than actual duties & exercises he took part in.

        Also worth checking with mod on if your father was entitled to & applied for his defence Medal (not sure how long you had to serve to get this). WW2 medals had to be claimed & not all men did.

      2. Mrs Alchin says:

        There is a photo of the Mitcham battalion. If you search for 24th Surrey Mitcham Battalion under https:/ and hopefully see your dad?

  3. Roger Keith Harrington says:

    Please can you supply any details on the LSWR electrification schemes of 1916. I’m looking for emu drawings and Photographs maybe workshop information on conversion of these trains 1916 to 1924

  4. Lesley Sunderland says:

    My uncles were residents at Holloway Sanatorium Virginia Water in the latter half of the 20th century. Arthur George Blackman 1935 and Ronald Sydney Blackman 1930. Is there any records to find out more information about them?

  5. Lesley Cook says:

    My great grandfather was choir master at Queens Road Baptist church, around July 1989, is there anything in the records that might help me in my study of him.
    Many thanks

  6. Traceyann pitman says:

    I’m trying to write my family tree and have come across one of my ancestors was a patient in Brookwood Hospital, although he was only in there for 12 days, he died there and I am very curious as to how he died on the 29/11/1877 his name was Henry Chipping.

    1. Jackie says:

      Hi Traceyann

      The Brookwood Hospital records are held at Surrey History Centre, Woking where you can look at the records
      and if you wish for a payment take a photo of the page/pages of your ancestors record which should tell you more
      about the few days he was an inpatient. Good luck! Here is the link to the page for information –

  7. Hi there
    I am investigating an area called Old Avenue in St Georges Hill, Weybridge and am particularly interested in the Water Tower and the leyline that I think passes through it towards Hersham area I think. Would anyone be able to help me here? So far, Ih ave identified 2 ley lines and an underground holy spring but this 3rd ley line is evading me! Thank yoy

  8. Anne Durrant (nee Wilton) says:

    During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic some Londoners moved away from the City to Dorking. I have a partial copy of an entry for rateable values of some properties, one of which is for 5 Church Street, Mrs H Wilton as the occupant. Could you please tell me if this was 1918, 1919, 1920…. ?

  9. Gary Bullock says:

    My name is Gary Bullock. And after extensive studies of the Bullock lineage, I discovered that I had family that built and owned Faulkborne Essex Manor. A family full of knights, lords etc. And several members of the knights templar. Very interesting to learn

  10. Pat Pepperrell says:

    Hi I am researching my family history and i know that i had a great uncle who was a patient at the Botley’s Park Hospital, he was my grandmothers brother. He passed away in 1966 and I would very much like to know where his last resting place is, if he was buried or cremated. I have searched through the appropriate records but i cannot find any trace of him at all. It would help if i knew which registration district his death is registered, if it is Surrey N or Surrey Mid E.
    Thanking you in advance

    1. Rosemary Chuter-Avison says:

      Hi Pat Pepperell
      I had an Uncle as a patient in Botleys Park Hospital and when he died in 1976 it says Sub-district Runnymede on his paperwork and I also can’t find out anything about him
      We never got to meet him

  11. Jon Goode says:

    Hi My Great Great Grandfather was committed to be transported on the 8th February 1836 at the 2nd session Surrey. I do have a copy of his committal but am after any additional information the court records may hold so as I can figure out his age and where he was actually born.

    Any information would be helpful.


    Jon Goode

  12. J G L Tolley says:

    I understand that Rosebery School, Epsom Archive documents are no longer available.
    I was a pupil there from 1950 to 1957 and should appreciate knowing where the archives are now held.

  13. Gail Smart says:

    My father recuperated in Botley”s Park Hospital after being wounded by mortar bomb shrapnel a few days after the D-day
    landings in June 1944. He had a lot of occupational therapy whilst there including rugmaking, basket weaving and embroidery.
    He said he was personally presented with a New Testament by King George VI whilst there.

    Are there any records of this royal visit?
    Are there any available records of individual soldiers? George William Smart ( Durham LIght Infantry) passed away 18/01/1981.

  14. Richard Brown says:

    My Great grandfather’s company , May and Jacobs, Coach Builders , High St. Guildford, have a sales ledger in your archives.
    Please can you give me information about the sale of a Park Drag to the Fuller family in the late 1900s. It has jus t been refurbished.

  15. Colin Woodley says:

    My late father who sadly I never met died at Yateley hospital on 4th. March 1962.
    Is there any way I could get records of his stay there.
    His name was Wladyslaw Kopytnik

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