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Butter plate

Identifier: C1983.0016 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Whole / China 36 cm long, 28.5 cm wide (Detail Pure Butter)

Butter Pats

Identifier: C1983.0060 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Whole wood (sycamore). Whole shape paddle shape (ribbed face).

Butter pats

Identifier: C1983.0061 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Padle shape, wood (sycamore), ribbed face, good condition, complete, 23cm long, 7.5 cm wide

Enamelled advertisement plaque

Identifier: C1983.0065 · Author: Rural Life Centre

The West Surrey Central Dairy Co's pure & rich thick cream\n93 highest honours, 28 gold, silver & bronze medals, highest award Chicago\n60cm long, 28cm wide

Advertisement plaque

Identifier: C1983.0069 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Plaque from side of cart, fair condition, complete, 61cm long, 36cm wide, painted face\nE Bacon & Sons, Dairy Farmers, Old Woking\nSides straight, ends curved, colour tan & blue

Biscuit Tin

Identifier: C1983.0323 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Tin: metal. Covering: paper. Whole shape cylindrical.


Identifier: C1984.0014 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Good complete condition, whole metal\nHeight 24cm, length of base 38cm, length og pan 34.5cm, width of pan 24cm\nCast on scales' and weights' face, paint on scales base: Registered (on weights) 7lb...


Identifier: C1984.0020 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Excellent condition, iron, cast, complete\nHeight (7lb weight) 17cm, 4lb weight 14cm, cast 7lb 4lb


Identifier: C1984.0025 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Good complete condition, whole cast iron\nHeight 17cm, base width 8.5cm, top width 7.5cm, diameter of handle 6cm


Identifier: C1984.0027 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Good complete condition, metal (brass), weight units 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb\nStamped front of weight: Avery\nWhole shape round