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post office,Tandridge

Identifier: cates4421 · Author: East Surrey Museum

Cream setting bowl

Identifier: C1983.0020 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Processing (milk)

Milk bottle

Identifier: C1983.0027 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Height 22 cm, bas diam 7.4 cm

Milk bottle

Identifier: C1983.0031 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Enamelled advertisement plaque

Identifier: C1983.0065 · Author: Rural Life Centre

The West Surrey Central Dairy Co's pure & rich thick cream\n93 highest honours, 28 gold, silver & bronze medals, highest award Chicago\n60cm long, 28cm wide

Advertisement plaque

Identifier: C1983.0069 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Plaque from side of cart, fair condition, complete, 61cm long, 36cm wide, painted face\nE Bacon & Sons, Dairy Farmers, Old Woking\nSides straight, ends curved, colour tan & blue

Milk churn

Identifier: C1983.0103 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Conical, truncated with neck widening, 84cm high, 52cm base\nCast imprint First EEL Regd No 15878 Dalry Supply Co Ltd makers London

Milking machine

Identifier: C1983.0110 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Incomplete (lid missing), good condition (slightly dented), 38cm high, 32cm diam base

Milk bottle

Identifier: C1983.0118 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Good condition, complete, whole, glass, 21cm high, 7.5cm base, capacity 1 pint\nTransfer side: Tuberculin tested farm bottled Jersey milk, Prestwick, Chiddingfold

Milk bottle

Identifier: C1983.0121 · Author: Rural Life Centre

Good complete condition, glass, 21.5cm high, 7.5cm diameter, 1 pint capacity\nTransfer side: Proprietor Geo Conochie, Conchies Dairy, Fernhurst, Haslemere, Surrey\nTelephone Fernhurst 273\nDecorate...