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Working with Woking Mind

August 14, 201712:33 pm

Our work with Woking Mind began in 2008 when we were approached by staff of Woking Mind for help in settling a disagreement that had arisen when someone had taken an early plan of Brookwood mental hospital to their weekly meeting. Though many of their members had either been patients at Brookwood, or had worked […]

Brookwood Hospital, Woking, History

August 14, 201712:06 pm

Brookwood Hospital was opened on 17 June 1867 under the title Brookwood Asylum. It was sited on 150 acres of land which lay between the Basingstoke canal and the village of Knaphill, four miles west of Woking. It was the county’s second County Asylum to complement the county’s first asylum, Springfield in Tooting, which had […]

H.G. Wells and Woking

April 5, 20164:24 pmLeave a Comment

2016 year marks 150 years since the birth of H.G. Wells – one of the nation’s greatest science fiction writers and public intellectuals. His move to Woking in 1895 inspired some of his greatest works, including The War of the Worlds. Wells made Woking infamous in the late 19th Century by making Horsell Common the […]

Woking Crematorium

March 19, 20152:55 pmLeave a Comment

During the time of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations cremation had been generally adopted as a method of disposing of the dead. With the advent and spread of Christianity, however, and its concomitant belief in the resurrection of the dead, cremation fell into disfavour and by the fifth century the practice had become almost […]

The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Woking and Woking Muslim Mission

March 18, 20153:44 pmLeave a Comment

The Woking Muslim Mission was founded in 1913 by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din (1870-1932), a lawyer from India and follower of Mirza Ghulum Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, and at the time was based at the Shah Jahan Mosque, Woking. For a full online history of the Woking Muslim Mission, which includes digitised versions of […]

Woking Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches their Peace Bus at Surrey History Centre

March 17, 201512:56 pmLeave a Comment

On 16 April 2012 Surrey History Centre were delighted to host the launch of the Woking Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Peace bus. The bus carries the Community’s Peace campaign poster promoting ‘Muslims for Loyalty, Freedom & Peace’. Surrey History Centre were asked to hold the event because the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) view the venue as […]

‘Qur’an, Islam and a message of Peace’: The Woking Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Inter Faith Week

March 17, 201512:52 pmLeave a Comment

In November 2011, to celebrate Woking Inter Faith Week, Surrey History Centre was delighted to host a display featuring the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The free display was organised by Monevra Syed and her father Ahmad Syed, members of the Woking Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. An impressive collection of over 30 translations of the Qur’an were on […]

Woking connections: Alaf Khan (1895-1981)

January 26, 201512:32 pmLeave a Comment

Raja Alaf Khan was born in Fatehpur, Mirpur, India, in 1895. He was one of the first two Muslims in the district to pass his matriculation exam in 1914. On 9 November 1915, he enlisted in the 1st Punjab Regiment and entered the First World War. He was awarded ‘Jangi Inam’, a distinguished service honour, […]

Eid-ul-Fitr at Woking during wartime, 1915

January 26, 201511:28 amLeave a Comment

On Friday 13 August, 1915, Imam Maulana Sadr-ud-Din (from Lahore, India) addressed the congregation at the Shah Jahan Mosque, gathered for the Eid Friday sermon. The congregation included three Indian Muslim soldiers of the British Indian Army in the front row. According to reports of this occasion, forty to fifty Indian Muslim soldiers attended the […]

Local Support in Woking

December 19, 20143:52 pmLeave a Comment

One Woking woman, Alice Mobarikah Welch, a white, middle-class convert, submitted a poem to the Islamic Review entitled ‘A cheer from the British Muslims to our Indian troops in France’, which was printed in December 1914. The previous month, Mrs Welch had placed flowers on the grave of Ahmad Khan, the first Muslim soldier buried […]