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Black Health Care Workers in Surrey

October 9, 20207:43 am

Surrey History Centre holds records of Black men and women in their everyday life and work in the county. At the end of the Second World War, chronic staff shortages in many areas of employment in Britain led to skilled and unskilled workers migrating from several countries, including the Caribbean and parts of Africa. Some […]

Boxing in Georgian Surrey: A Heroic Scene

October 1, 20207:37 amLeave a Comment

Black boxers in Britain during the 18th and early 19th century.

Lockdown Records on the Surrey HER

September 4, 20203:07 pmLeave a Comment

Five new things added to the Surrey HER in recent months. Since lockdown measures were introduced by the UK Government on 23 March 2020, much of the normal working life of the country ground to a halt. Not, however, the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER). As a team, we’ve been working from home to ensure […]

The Golf Course in Surrey’s Historic Landscape – Part 2

July 31, 20209:35 amLeave a Comment

Imprinted in the landscape Part 1 of our examination of archaeological records held in the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) established how the county’s golf courses are imprinted in its historic landscape. This can be traced from the recorded emergence of the sport in England – in Surrey to be precise – in the mid-18th […]

The Golf Course in Surrey’s Historic Landscape – Part 1

July 22, 20209:45 amLeave a Comment

In July 2017 the Ordnance Survey released an open dataset comprising the land coverage of green spaces and their uses in Great Britain. In Surrey, golf courses were found to cover 2.65% of the county’s total area. The average for Britain was 0.54%. With this same dataset arranged by Local Authority, Woking Borough took the […]

Welcome Back – First Steps to Re-Opening Surrey History Centre

July 17, 20207:34 amLeave a Comment

So, after several months of lockdown, Surrey History Centre and many other archives and libraries are beginning to (tentatively) re-open. It will be so good to see you all back!!  We’ve missed our researchers so much and although we’ve enjoyed corresponding with everyone, it is so frustrating not to be able to provide the face-to-face […]

Summer Holidays Online Activities – Surrey’s super spies

July 6, 20202:42 pmLeave a Comment

Find out about Surrey’s famous spies whilst having fun with our spy themed activities. One famous secret spy who lived in Surrey was Sir Francis Walsingham. Sir Francis Walsingham was born in 1532 and was MP of Surrey between 1572–1589. However, Walsingham was such a good spy that he became famous for being Queen Elizabeth […]

Some Gypsy weddings in Surrey

June 22, 202012:02 pmLeave a Comment

Surrey’s Gypsy, Romany and Traveller community have been present in the county since the sixteenth century but despite 500 years of history, theirs is often difficult to find. Contrary to popular opinion, some Gypsy couples did marry in church and in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries some of the local clergy made efforts to […]

Legacies of slavery and colonialism on the Surrey HER

June 19, 20206:48 pmLeave a Comment

The name of the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) makes clear it covers things that were created or happened in the past – hence why the HER Officer has been known to quip that, no matter how efficiently the team works, its workload gets larger by the day. But this does not mean it exists […]

Surrey Boundaries!

May 29, 20206:23 amLeave a Comment

Last year I was working away in the History Centre when a lovely American couple pitched up in reception with that excited and keen look on their faces which any family historian will recognise – yes, a follow enthusiast! They were so delighted to be with us and yet we had to deliver them some […]