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The 1918 General Election in Surrey: the impact of the female vote

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The Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed in February 1918. The Act widened the parliamentary electorate by abolishing almost all property and residential qualifications for all men over the age of 21, thereby including the millions of soldiers returning from the First World War. The Act also gave the parliamentary franchise to women […]

A walk through the historic environment of the Surrey Hills

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Apologies that there’s been no HER blog for a while now. It’s been a challenging time in Surrey HER-land over the past three months or so, since our esteemed colleague Andrew Dearlove departed for a new role at the Humber HER back up in his homeland of Yorkshire. As a result, the rest of the […]

The Women’s Freedom League Caravan Campaign in Surrey

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The Women’s Freedom League (WFL), had broken away from the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in 1907, following a disagreement over tactics. The WFL opposed violence preferring to use peaceful forms of protest such as tax boycotts, refusal to complete census forms and chaining themselves to objects in the Houses of Parliament. The WFL […]

The Great Pilgrimage through Surrey, 1913

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“Why are thousands of women ready to walk along the dusty suffocating high roads under a July sun? …It is an act of devotion on the part of law abiding suffragists… [an] outward sign of women suffragists’ unalterable determination not to cease from pressing their claim to the vote by every lawful means in the […]

Surrey Local Government Women and the Suffrage Campaign, 1870 – 1914

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In an Esher churchyard there stands a memorial to the radical Manchester MP, Jacob Bright. An early advocate of women’s suffrage, Bright achieved one of the campaign’s earliest successes when in 1869 he quietly slipped through an amendment to the Municipal Corporation Bill that resulted in women ratepayers getting the local vote. Although married women […]

Activism and militant suffragettes in Surrey

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Women’s suffrage supporters made their views heard in a variety of different ways and Surrey saw its fair share of activism. Impatient at the lack of progress in the fight for the vote, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) was founded in 1903, led by the charismatic Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst. The WSPU motto was […]

The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Surrey

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“If the law denied a vote to all but the possessors of £5,000 a year, the poorest man in the nation might — and now and then would — acquire the suffrage; but neither birth, nor fortune, nor merit, nor exertion, nor intellect, nor even that great disposer of human affairs, accident, can ever enable […]

The March of the Women: suffrage material held in Surrey museums

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As part of the March of the Women project an audit has been undertaken of the resources held at partner museums across the county and Watts Gallery. The audit aims to enhance the museum item record with any additional information and use Exploring Surrey’s Past website as a digital platform to share and collate this […]

The March of the Women: Surrey’s Road to the Vote – Learning Resources

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Introduction and How to Use this Resource Surrey Heritage was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant to explore and celebrate Surrey’s role in winning the vote for women. The project, called ‘The March of the Women: Surrey’s Road to the Vote’, marked the 2018 centenary of the 1918 Act of Parliament which gave the […]

“O! Lovely Surrey! There is nothing like it”: Christabel Pankhurst in Ewhurst

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Dame Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958), daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and co-leader of the Women’s Social and Political Union, was a central figure in the women’s suffrage movement. This charismatic and highly intelligent suffragette was a talented speaker who did not refrain from encouraging militant forms of protest in the pursuit of votes for women. During the […]