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Panel 11: Anti-Suffragists in Surrey: Active Women in the Community

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Many women who were campaigning against the vote were active in their local communities and held positions of power and influence in society. Some felt that that their influence could be applied in the local and domestic sphere without the national vote. Bertha Broadwood of Capel was the daughter of Henry Broadwood of the famous […]

Panel 10: The Anti-Suffrage Campaign in Surrey

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As the suffrage movement strengthened so did the opposition, with groups, including many women, campaigning countrywide against women gaining the right to vote. Women were already able to vote in local government elections and could be elected to local boards and councils. For anti-suffragists this showed that women did not need the parliamentary vote because […]

Panel 9: Suffragettes in Surrey: the Ultimate Sacrifice

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On 4 June 1913, the most infamous event of the suffrage campaign occurred at the Epsom Derby. Emily Wilding Davison entered the track at Tattenham Corner and attempted to attach a ‘Votes for Women’ banner to the King’s horse, Anmer. Tragically Emily was trampled, suffering fatal injuries. She never regained consciousness and died in Epsom […]

Panel 8: Suffragettes in Surrey: Militancy Continues

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By 1913 the suffragettes had stepped up their militancy from window-breaking to more extreme tactics such as arson and explosions. In Surrey, race courses, railway stations, cricket clubs, and golf courses were targeted. In that year alone Surrey Constabulary dealt with three suffragette bombs. On the morning of 19 February 1913 a bomb exploded at […]

Panel 7: Suffragettes in Surrey: Early Activism

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By 1908, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) had been active for 5 years yet there had been little advance. Artist and Peaslake resident Marie Brackenbury captured the frustration in her cartoon ‘History Up To Date And More So By a Suffragette Pavement Artist’. The Liberal government continued to refuse women access to public […]

Panel 6: Leading Suffrage Supporters in Surrey: Peaceful vs Militant

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Suffrage societies relied upon private donations and membership subscriptions and benefitted from publicity from the support of notable figures in society. In Surrey, the suffrage movement had a number of high profile supporters, including politicians and nobility representing both the peaceful National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) and militant Women’s Social and Political Union […]

Panel 5: Suffragists in Surrey: the Great Pilgrimage

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In 1913 the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) led a ‘Women’s Suffrage Pilgrimage’ in which supporters from around the country marched in large numbers to demonstrate the level of support for the cause in a non-militant way. The Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire Federation of the NUWSS joined the South-Western and West of England […]

Panel 4: Suffragists in Surrey: the Long Road to the Vote

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Surrey was home to a number of active suffragist groups, largely affiliated to the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), who both campaigned locally and participated in national demonstrations. The Guildford and District Women’s Suffrage Society was formed in 1910 following a local petition which gained 580 signatures supporting votes for women. In the […]

Panel 3: Suffragists in Surrey: the Peaceful Protest

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The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) advocated change through peaceful methods of protest. Campaigners felt that this more effectively demonstrated their ability to operate in the political sphere and used petitioning, public meetings and lobbying techniques to persuade Members of Parliament to debate the issue. Helena Auerbach, president of the Reigate, Redhill and […]

Panel 2: The Growth of the Suffrage Movement in Surrey

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Although women could not vote in national elections prior to 1918, they could vote in parish elections if they held the necessary property. From 1869, single and widowed rate-paying women also could vote in town council elections. Women could also serve on Poor Law Boards of Guardians which managed workhouses and later on School Boards, […]