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Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney in Surrey

March 24, 201711:11 am

We are grateful to Jeremy Palmer of Effingham Local History Group for the following text. Jeremy has been investigating Gwen Farrar as part of his research into the Bohemian scene which developed in Effingham from the 1920s onwards. Gwen Farrar leased a property called ‘Grove Paddock’ in Effingham, from the businessman and Ballet Russes […]

Surrey Museums Month 2017

March 7, 20173:26 pmLeave a Comment

Surrey Women Each April, the Surrey Museums Partnership works with 43 of Surrey’s museums and galleries to celebrate the hidden history of our county. The theme for Surrey Museums Month 2017 is ‘Surrey Women’. You will discover events, exhibitions and activities related to Surrey Women from April and throughout the year – as well as […]

Signal The Fleet! Surrey’s Semaphore Stations

February 13, 201712:54 pmLeave a Comment

 From the Late 18th Century Surrey formed part of a crucial communication link to London. Consisting of a line of buildings with odd looking structures built on the roofs, we look into one of Surrey’s more unusual buildings. Origins of the Semaphore Station In 1796  the Admiralty authorised the construction of a line of communication stations developed in […]

Recording your archaeological finds in Surrey….

August 17, 20162:25 pmLeave a Comment

The Portable Antiquities Scheme Our Heritage Conservation Team also includes the Finds Liaison Officer for Surrey, Simon Maslin who is part of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). This is a project based at the British Museum which aims to encourage members of the public, particularly metal detectorists, to record archaeological objects they discover. Simon works closely with a […]

East Surrey Hospital, Redhill

August 1, 201611:20 am

Reigate Cottage Hospital was founded in 1866 by Dr John Walters, a leading physician at Reigate, and his partner Dr Constantine Holman. Money was raised by subscription to convert two cottages in North Albert Road to a six bed hospital with a nurse-matron and a woman to help with domestic duties. The medical staff was […]

Welcome to Surrey’s Historic Environment Record

July 14, 20162:41 pmLeave a Comment

What is Surrey’s HER? The Historic Environment Record, or HER, is a comprehensive database which holds information on all the known archaeological sites, monuments, historic buildings and findspots across the county. The record is used mainly during the planning process where companies want to understand the archaeology and history of their site before a project begins. […]

Surrey Heritage Showcase 2016

July 7, 20161:55 pmLeave a Comment

Discover history on your doorstep Saturday 8 October 2016 Lingfield and Dormansland Community Centre High Street Lingfield RH7 6AB The Surrey Heritage Showcase is back! The year’s event will focus on Lingfield and the surrounding areas. This will be our fifth Heritage Showcase in the county which is a unique event that brings together not […]

Sherriff with the 9th East Surreys

May 18, 20162:10 pm

On 4 September 1916 Sherriff was discharged from the Artists Rifles, having been granted a temporary commission with the East Surrey Regiment as a second lieutenant. After a brief stint with the 3rd Battalion at Grand Shaft Barracks in Dover, Sherriff was ordered to France. He landed at Boulogne on 28 September 1916, and reached […]

Sources for researching the women’s suffrage movement in Surrey

April 7, 20165:29 pmLeave a Comment

Surrey History Centre cares for many significant letters, books and documents which shed light on the growth of the suffrage movement in Surrey, and how the battle for the vote was fought and ultimately won. Through a Heritage Lottery funded project called ‘The March of the Women: Surrey’s road to the vote’ (2017-2019), the catalogues […]

Activism and militant suffragettes in Surrey

April 7, 201612:39 pmLeave a Comment

Women’s suffrage supporters made their views heard in a variety of different ways and Surrey saw its fair share of activism. In 1905, suffragette militancy began, comprising a campaign of boisterous protest (often leading to riot), targeted window smashing and property damage. Inevitably, this led to arrests, imprisonment and the first hunger-strike, by Women’s Social […]