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You can comment on individual records and theme pages – so you can tell us more about a historic site or museum object that interests you, about a listed building in your road or more about a particular person of importance to Surrey. Tell us about the things that matter to you in your area or your local history.

You can choose whether this comment is displayed to all visitors to the site, or whether it is simply sent to the project team.

You can also add keywords (or ‘tags’) to individual records and theme pages. In this way you can make your own themes and start to build up the connections between archive records, monuments from the Historic Environment Record and museum objects on this site.

You can see what keywords other people have used here.

small icon of pencil and paperYou can also become involved by writing text for this site.

Have you done some research into a famous Surrey resident? Can you add information on a historic site or building close to you? Help us to create really good People, Places and Times sections. Some of the pages in these sections have been written by local people for the project.

Share what you find on this site, as well as your own research and pictures.

Register here and you can start adding content.

There are plenty of other roles within the project for volunteers – whatever your skills, knowledge or availability.

We are always interested to hear from those who would like to help. Please contact us for further details.

You can also get involved with local history and archaeology where you live.

Did you know that there are many societies working on researching local archaeology and history? If you would like to find out more about who to contact where you live, here is a list of links to local and family history websites and societies.

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