Surrey’s Historic Environment Record (HER) is a key resource for those interested in finding out about the county’s archaeology.

Formerly known as the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), it contains a wide range of archaeological information, from the Palaeolithic to the present day. It features:

Please view the HER information pages for further details about what the HER is, how it is used, what information it holds, and how to consult it off line.

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An information panel explaining more about the archaeology described on this site and be viewed by clickinghere (pdf ( PDF logo )).

There are also a number of other resources when starting to explore the archaeology of Surrey.

Surrey Archaeological Society exists to help protect, record and interpret all aspects of the history and archaeology of Surrey.

They hold events and talks throughout the year.

The society produces both a Bulletin nine times a year, with details of recent archaeology, and an annual journal, the Collections, with academic articles on the county’s archaeology and history.

These form an important part of the Historic Environment Record.

Many local history and archaeological groups have, and continue to carry out archaeology. A selection of these societies is listed on the Surrey Heritage website.

Many museums, including some of those featured on this site, hold extensive archaeological collections with many items on display. There are over 40 museums in the county; full details are on the Surrey Museums website.

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  1. John Lindsay says:

    I then forgot it again, so now have lost it three times. And have had to re-enter all the other stuff.

    The second one was about forgetting the button because it was place below the post entry

    The first one was about the design of this page, and how to enter the HER data base.

  2. John Lindsay says:

    Now, at this stage, everything is retained, so it is possible. But it has taken three times longer than it should have done.

    Let’s go back to the first, shouldn’t this point to Pastscape? Or, whatever resource you enter HER queries?

  3. Chris Lobban says:

    Please let me know if it possible to read copies of the 1880-1903 excavations of Waverley
    Abbey on line? Otherwise, which publication would be the most informative about the Abbey?

  4. Gerard Morrison says:

    Was there ever a battle in Reigate or Reigate Hill at any time before being left for ruin. !!!

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