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It always annoys me when I find a really useful website – and then it becomes obsolete, is taken down or as in the case of the Hosprec Database archived.

Image of the Hosprec home page from the National Archive websiteHowever, archived or not, Hosprec is still one of my absolutely ‘Go To’ websites for any information on hospitals.  Anyone who has tried to find a hospital or, more likely, to try and find its records will know that it can be a bit of a nightmare.  Surrey History Centre has a wonderful collection of hospital records (particularly mental hospital records) but some records for Surrey hospitals are held elsewhere.  A classic example of this are the records for Banstead Asylum.  Yes, it was situated in Banstead in Surrey but since it was administered by the (then) London County Council, the surviving patient records are now held in the London Metropolitan Archives.

Surrey is not unique in this; hospital records are often scattered all over the place and many don’t survive.  That’s why the Hosprec Database is so great.  It was produced by the National Archives in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust and although it was last updated in 2012 it is still a fantastic resource.  You can search either by place or hospital name (and don’t forget, it seems as though hospitals change their names constantly) and the database will usually tell you what type of hospital it is, what type and quantity of records survive and more importantly, where you can find them.   It also very helpfully gives you contact details for all the various repositories, and even lets you click on links to take you to their websites.  Thank you, TNA – this is a great resource!

Keep safe and well and Happy Researching!

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PS:  There is a another really useful resource for hospitals in London called Lost Hospitals of London.  In addition to everything you need to know about London hospitals it contains information on quite a lot of hospitals in the current administrative county of Surrey!

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