Historical Food in Surrey KS 1 and 2 Pack

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Photograph of a soldier standing in a banana plantation

Photograph of a soldier standing in a banana plantation. ESR/10/12/6/p29

  • links to the curriculum
  • archive sources
  • background teacher information including information from the Stone Age to modern day
  • detailed teaching suggestions

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When examining the past we use a range of different sources. Archaeological evidence provides information about people and communities who lived in the past and especially where we don’t have written evidence.

Written evidence, maps and illustrations are kept by the county’s archive and tell us often first hand about people and events in the past.

Background teacher information (click to view)

1. Archaeological evidence of food in Surrey (click to download resource sheet)
2. A banquet menu. This is a copy of a banquet menu in 1470 which was cooked in honour of the new archbishop of York. The menu was rewritten in the 1700s and is part of the collection from Loseley House. 18th century copy of 1470 document. Surrey History Centre Ref: LM/1946
Source 2 LM/1946: Banquet Menu from 1470

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3. Receipt for tea. Found in a collection of household inventory and bills from the Hatchlands Estate, East Clandon. Dated 1781. Surrey History Centre Ref: 1519/3
Source 3 1519/3 tea merchant 1781

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4. Recipe for ‘currey’This recipe for ‘currey’ reflects the popularity of Indian cooking. Dated 1782 – 1836. Surrey History Centre Ref: 1712/1/1
Source 4 1712/1/1 p19 curry recipe 1782-1836

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5. ‘Mock Turtle Soup’ Recipe. ‘Green Turtle Soup’ was a delicacy but was extremely expensive to make, and so a ‘Mock Turtle Soup’ recipe was created by poorer people using much cheaper cuts of meat. There are dozens of examples of ‘Mock Turtle Soup’ recipes from Surrey books. Dated 1790. Surrey History Centre Ref: 6536/305
Source 5 6536/305 mock turtle soup 1790

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6. Contract for Abingdon workhouse. A contract to supply Abingdon workhouse with bread, beef, bacon, mutton, milk, candles and other foods. Dated1836 – 1839. Surrey History Centre Ref: BG2/31/254
Source 6 BG2/31/254 - Workhouse contract

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7. Photograph of a soldier standing in a banana plantation. The 1/6th Battalion The East Surrey Regiment was stationed in India between 1916 and 1919 and kept a photograph album of individuals and both British and Gurkha soldiers, and topographical views. Dated circa 1916. Surrey History Centre Ref: ESR/10/12/6/p29
Source 7 ESR/10/12/6 p29 banana plantation 1916

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8. A poster found in a Cranleigh Women’s Institute scrapbook. This particular poster demonstrates the cooking competitions that were popular at Women’s Institutes as a way of encouraging women to cook food for less money.Dated 1926. Surrey History Centre Ref: 7650/62/12
Source 8 7650/62/12 - Women's Institute poster 1926

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9. Newspaper cuttings. These newspaper cuttings, kept by the Surrey County Council’s Trading Standards department, show the types of penalties awarded for breaking the Weights and Measures Act.Dated October 15th 1924. Surrey History Centre Ref: CC445/1
Source 9 CC445/1 Short Weight Loaves 1924

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10. ‘Dig for Victory’ pamphlet. This was typical of the types of pamphlets produced by the Ministry of Food to encourage growing your own food. Dated 1939 – 1945. Surrey History Centre Ref: 2167/6/29
Source 10 2167/6/29 grow more food pamphlet 1939-1945

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11. (a) An average weekly menu. An average menu for a family of 5 adults and 2 children found in a Tadworth Women’s Institute scrapbook.(b) Prices for the weekly menuA list of prices for all the components of the weekly menu on the previous page.Dated 1965. Surrey History Centre Ref: 7576/2
Source 11 a 7576/2 - weekly menu

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11 (b) Prices for the weekly menu. A list of prices for all the components of the weekly menu on the previous page. Dated 1965. Surrey History Centre Ref: 7576/2
Source 11b 7576/2 - weekly menu page 1 1965

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Due to copyright law this source pack is for classroom use only. Photocopies can be made for classroom use only and all sources must be accredited to the Surrey History Centre with the correct references. Copies must not be redistributed.

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