Archaeological resources for teachers

Click here to see links to a number of files you can download to help deliver the primary curriculum using archaeology.

There is a suggested lesson plan focussed on KS1 science which explores the way plants grow by thinking about crop marks.

There are also two pictures of Roman pots from Surrey, which you can download and cut up to make pot-jigsaws. You can cut the pots up into as many pieces as you like; the more pieces you cut the pots into, the harder the activity is. These can be used effectively to help deliver the 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World' learning goal at the Foundation Stage, or they could be used as a structured golden time activity for older pupils studying the Romans.

If you have any queries, questions, feedback or suggestions please contact the Archaeological Education Officer, by email at [email protected] Or if you would like hardcopy originals of these resources or would like to discuss using artefacts or having a tailored workshop made for your class please also contact the Archaeological Education Officer using the contact details above.

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