Boundary of Lagham Park on John Rocque's map of Surrey

Lagham Park Historic Landscape Survey, South Godstone

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Between December 2019 and early March 2020, members of the Surrey Historic Environment Record team were engaged in a project very different to anything we’d done before; a study of a sizeable tract of land around the village of South Godstone in east Surrey to identify previously-unrecorded historic landscape features and to develop a better […]

Asking Nicely!

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I’m a great believer in the old adage that if you don’t ask, you don’t get!  I was struck forcibly with this when I was trying to research my great-uncle Harold. My father was born into a sparse but fairly wealthy family on his mother’s side.  My great-grandfather had built up a prosperous cotton mill […]

An Amazing Achievement!

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I work with some pretty amazing people who in turn work with some pretty amazing volunteers.  I wanted to highlight some of the work that my colleague Kirsty Bennett has been co-ordinating for the Surrey in the Great War project – compiling the Surrey in the Great War Newspaper Index, particularly as they have reached […]

A Hairy Thought!

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I can plait my hair!  I’ve not been able to do that since I was about 12 but since lock-down my hair seems to have grown exponentially and I can plait it. Of course it doesn’t have the same winsome charm it had those many years ago since there are now quite a few silver […]

Every Picture Tells a Story …

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My husband works on an army barracks and has been involved with the army and military life in one way or another since he was a callow youth!  He shares his office with a mixture of ex-military and MOD personnel and hanging on the wall was this amusing framed picture postcard drawn by renowned cartoonist, […]

New Releases!

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It’s always well worth keeping an eye on what’s new on family history sites.  This recent email from Family Search highlighted quite a few new indexes and also some that have been extended or added to recently.  These are the English and Irish releases (nothing for Scotland or Wales this month!) with the new releases […]


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Do you ever get distracted when doing your family history research?  Oh, please say you do because it happens to me all the time!  Most of my distractions come from finding interesting and odd pieces in local newspapers and this happened only the other day when I was searching for information about a Jewish family […]

Placards and statues at Black Lives Matter protest in Parliament Square, Westminster, June 2020

Legacies of slavery and colonialism on the Surrey HER

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The name of the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) makes clear it covers things that were created or happened in the past – hence why the HER Officer has been known to quip that, no matter how efficiently the team works, its workload gets larger by the day. But this does not mean it exists […]

A Safe Deposit

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Is anyone else out there desperate for Charity Shops to re-open?  I’ve been tidying, sorting, bagging, re-sorting, stuffing bin bags into the attic – honestly, there is nothing more to sort and tidy.  Thank goodness the dumps (sorry, Recycling Centres) are re-opening as at least I can get rid of the stuff that truly no […]

A Place of Refuge

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I remember back in the 80s, I was working for a firm of accountants in the city.  By and large they were a great bunch of people and I particularly loved working with the interns, who were taking their Articles and came from very diverse backgrounds.  It was when I had just begun to take […]