Summer Holidays Online Activities – Connecting across generations

Jane is a professional genealogist who works at Surrey History Centre. A genealogist is someone who traces people’s family history enabling you to discover all sorts about your relatives from the past. However, you don’t have to be a genealogist to learn about your family tree!

You can discover more about your family by just talking to your relatives especially your grandparents. You’ll be surprised how life has changed even in a short time since they were young. Try asking them about their school days, their first job or how much food was to buy in the supermarket. How about looking through old family photographs and finding out what was in fashion at the time, or the cars that people drove? Can your parents remember the first single they bought? Try listening to some of their favourite music and seeing if you prefer it to what’s on Spotify today!

After chatting, why not create your own family tree? Have a look at Jane’s blog for ideas of how to do this plus more activities!

Link to Jane’s blog.

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