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Activity: RC Sherriff letters source analysis task

Source task Analysing RC Sherriffs letters (Powerpoint file)

Sherriff letters source analysis activity student sheets (Word document)

Other letters are available at Source images: letters

RC Sherriff letter summaries (Word doc) – useful for deciding which letters to use



  • Students are given letter extracts to read and analyse to assess their usefulness as sources for finding out about conditions at the front.  .
  • They work in pairs, in three ‘teams’.
  • Team A have two short extracts 1 (a) and (b),
  • Team B have extract 2
  • Team C have extract 3.
  • Halfway through the lesson, one pupil from each pairs swaps with someone from another team about their letters and asks them about their letter.
  • Then they return to original places for plenary and review.


Resource contents