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Assumes some prior background via previous study of FWW.

Can be used in different contexts to focus on different skills:

  • Emotive response (English)
  • Factual, underlying history (History)


  • Pupils work individually or in pairs.  The task is to write a letter from someone on the front line.  The brainstorming in the Starter activity can help prepare for this.
  • For lower literacy levels, writing could be done orally with learning assistant or dictation tool
  • Ask one or two pupils to read one or two out, perhaps while standing at the back of the class, to simulate the remoteness of the front from the recipient
  • Set as homework for consolidation to perform next time


Ideas for extension

Compile the letters produced into a slideshow along the lines of the film.  One way to do this is simply to use Powerpoint with text of letters using different fonts, backgrounds and transitions, and add narration to slideshow, and perhaps music soundtrack

This could form the basis of an assembly.   Pupils or others could do voice overs live via microphones.


Resource contents

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