Letter to his mother (extract), 14 November 1916

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Letter from Sherriff to his mother, 14 Nov 1916 (extract) –  summary

In the trenches he suffered from bouts of neuralgia and here describes how the constant sound of shells shredded his nerves.

Written at: ”…usual address”. Sherriff feels unwell and gives a detailed account of how two days of heavy shelling by the Germans is affecting his mental state.

(SHC ref 2332/1/1/2/111)

14-Nov-16 Sherriff letter to his mother SHC ref 2332-1-1-2-111

14-Nov-16 Sherriff letter to his mother SHC ref 2332-1-1-2-111


Dear Mother,

I believe I wrote two letters running to Pips, so I am doing the same to you – I am afraid that I have got a touch of influenza as I don’t feel very lively – I don’t feel bad in myself except a bit of a cold but I feel all I want to do is to lie down and sleep, fortunately I can manage to do this a great deal if I want to, though I think it is a bad habit to get into, to always be sleeping – still I will take some of my compressed medicine I think and see how that does – there is no need to worry dear, if I feel really bad enough I would go round to the Doctor straight away – only seems to affect my nerves a bit, too, they shelled this district again this morning and really I am quite ashamed of the way it makes me tremble – when I hear a shell whistle overhead I immediately get that sort of cold feeling all up my spine, if you know what I mean, and my tongue feels all dry – yesterday they shelled the district just as I was sitting down to lunch and it immediately made me feel quite sick – with no appetite at all for dinner – it is strange that I did not feel this when I had those first 8 days in the trenches, it is since I have been here that I have felt this worst – perhaps due to the time that you are alone, (which I like for some reasons).  I hope my nerves will improve, though, it is not at all a pleasant feeling to get nervous so quickly and easily.

Well, dearie, and how go things at the hospital?   All well, I hope, and that you are still taken….

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