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RC Sherriff is best known for writing the play Journey’s End.    

Further down the page are some images relating to some of his other works, including:

The Invisible Man (1933 film), based on the novel by H G Wells, for which Sherriff wrote the screenplay

Goodbye Mr Chips (1939 film):  Sherriff wrote the screenplay and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.   In 1969, another film was made, a musical.

Images from RC Sherriff archive – Theatrical career: Journey’s End


Images from RC Sherriff archive – Theatrical career: other productions

Further information on RC Sherriff

The Surrey History Centre catalogued RC Sherriff’s papers in 2015.   For background information and links to the collections, a good starting point is this short biography of RC Sherriff.

There is also Sport, War, Hollywood and more: RC Sherriff’s life and career in 40 images.

Resource contents

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