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There are a number of ways that you can search the information held by Exploring Surrey’s Past.

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The quickest way to start searching is to use the Search box located at the top right of each page.

Try putting in a name, keyword or phrase, the name of a particular site, or try a place familiar to you. You could also try a type of archaeological find or monument.

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The search tool on the maps lets you find out about archive items, archaeology and places near you – using a Surrey post code. Simply enter your full postcode in the format GU21 6ND.

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If you are looking to search just one particular type of database, or even just a single database, you can try our advanced search. Use the Advanced tab at the top of each page or click this link.

There is a list of all the databases available on this site.  Select one or more of the collections and then enter the search terms in the text boxes. Then either press return or the search button at the bottom of the page. The search results can narrow further by selecting one of the filters to the left hand side of the search results.

The groupings are explained, and full details of the databases are given under How this site works.

9 thoughts on “Help with searching”

  1. Jan morris says:

    Trying to find details of sight testing rooms. High st Guildford in 1930’s next to Timothy whites

  2. Julia says:

    This is a fascinating site with heaps of research possibilities. Thank you for sharing this information and making it so readily available.

  3. Lorna says:

    I am researching an Indian student who was studying law at Oxford and was a member of the Middle Temple until his untimely death in 1890. He writes to Middle Temple using the address:
    Fairlawn, East Molesey Park, Surrey in March 1890.
    Any idea who lived at the house then? He actually died in Battersea on 27th September so I presume he was staying with a friend or there is some link to the Liberal Club from where he sends another letter at the same sort of date. Thank you for reading!

  4. Cherrelle Priestley says:

    Hi can anyone give me any more information or a photo would be amazing, of the old crossways house hooks hill , in the 1920s. My grandmother never got to meet her biological mother as she was adopted at birth and all we know is her mums name was Germaine Dubois, she was French and worked as a ladies maid in the crossways. We think her dad may of been a secret lover who also worked in crossways. Any info would be widely appreciated x thanks in advance

  5. ThomasForster says:

    Hi My wife died recently and her birth certificate has come to light,stating. She wa born in Middle House Darling road Epsom and Ewell in 1937 will you please forward to me details of the property at this date in time,Thank you in anticipation Thomas

  6. Evelyn Felton says:

    Hello I am looking into more details of the Pigou family, there are many plaques in St Andrew’s Church Ham. I am researching this family as part of my coursework The head of the family that I can see is Henry Minchin Pigou Many thanks

  7. Lucille Hartshorne says:

    Hello, I am researching my Grandfather’s side of the family and wondering if you can throw some light on the family. My Grandfather was Henry Collins, born December, 20th December, 1872 at Farnham, Surrey. His parents were William John Collins born 12th March, 1834 his mother Lucy Collins (nee Wilkinson) born 1834. My Grandfather was the youngest of eight children, they migrated to New Zealand when my Grandfather was two years of age. I know very little about the family during their life in Farnham, Surrey. What was my Great Grandfather’s occupation? I believe they lived in Mead Lane. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Jane Lewis says:

      Hi Lucille

      Thank you for posting your questions up here and I hope you get lots of response. In the meantime, you might try doing a bit of ‘Family Reconstruction’. What you would need to do is try tracing all your great-grandfather’s siblings and see if any of them married, lived and died in the Farnham area and/or if they had any children. I find the easiest way to do this is with a large sheet of paper (an old roll of wallpaper is ideal!) and lots of different coloured post-it notes. You can then group different siblings families together and add and remove information as necessary.
      The census and parish registers are good starting points as they will give you a rough idea of the children’s birth year. If they don’t appear in the baptism registers, don’t forget the GRO indexes are now available online ( and these can confirm you have the right person as they show the mother’s maiden name, which is very useful.
      I hope this works but please email us directly if you need any further advice. Also, don’t forget that we have our own research service here at Surrey History Centre and would be more than happy to undertake some paid research on your behalf.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on!



  8. Peter Jones says:

    My Great Grandfather, Evans Triscott Humberstone, was stated in census as being “Blind – Accident” . Evans and his daughter (my paternal Grandmother Harriett, operated a stall in Borough market selling sewing paraphenalia. I have searched and searched for any record of this event or Evans attendance at, say, a clinic or the like. Knowing at the time Bermondsey was part of Surrey I am hoping a clue to a trail I may follow. I am perfectly happy for my site to be accessed. My site is P Jones Family.
    Living in Melbourne, Australia makes it a tad difficult to pop into records offices in the UK.

    Hoping for a response and sent with my best wishes for all people being affected by the Virus in whatever way.

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