Explore Surrey’s pillbox defence network.

For more information on a pillbox site click on the purple dot to pop-up a link.

Click the plus and minus buttons on the left of the screen to zoom the map in or out.

Click  and drag to move the map.

Click here to read more about different types of pillbox.

Surrey’s pillboxes are included in the county’s Historic Environment Record (HER), click the link to see more information.
Click here to access a self guided walk passing pillboxes.

2 Responses to Surrey’s Pillboxes

  1. Pete says:

    Is the construction on the North Bank of the canal at Kiln Bridge, St Johns not the remains of a pill box?

  2. John O'Meara says:

    Passing seal lane on the right hand side, and immediately turning left to go up the hogs back. There is a pill box hidden within the hedge. That is before you reach the first entrance to a house on your left. It is situated right by the road and easy to miss.
    The pill box was in a good condition, when we sold the property in 1968.
    You have one marked in a field well to the left, I don’t recall that one?

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