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In 1934, Stoatley Rough School was founded by Dr Hilde Lion, a Jewish academic who had left Germany following Hitler’s rise to power. The establishment of the ‘German-English school’ was largely through the efforts of Bertha Bracey, a Quaker eager to alleviate the plight of German refugees. It was a co-educational boarding school and catered mainly for Jewish children from Nazi Europe.

Stoatley Rough was recognised by the Ministry of Education in 1940, and continued as a school after the Second World War, its intake gradually changing to disadvantaged British children sent by local authorities. The school closed in 1960 on the retirement of Dr Lion.

The Stoatley Rough Historical Trust website was created by Peter Neivert for a reunion of ‘Stoatley Roughians’ (as former pupils are known) in Haslemere in 2004. Mr Neivert’s mother, Ilse Kaiser, was a pupil at the school from 1939 to 1944.

The website is now hosted on Exploring Surrey’s Past and its contents include:

An illustrated history of the school (exhibited at Haslemere Museum)

Film footage of pupils and staff at Stoatley Rough, c.1938

Hans Loeser’s Stoatley Rough Memories, 1937-1939

Photographs of the School Reunion, 2004

Surrey History Centre holds a collection of material relating to Stoatley Rough School, click here to find out more.

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