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  1. Sue Philpott says:

    My great grandmother Rose Kirton nee Naylor, died in Cambridge House Kingston in 1923. Was it a hospital?

    1. Jackie Kaye says:

      Royal Cambridge Asylum; 1851; but not as an aslyum as we imagine it. It was to provide a home for widows of non-commissioned Officers and privates of the Army of not less than 50 years of age, and assistance to a few out-pensioners. They did work and were paid a small amount. It was bombed in WW11 and several people were hurt and died. It was knocked down and Cambridge garden flats were built. The gate house still stands. Try kingston heritage centre, I believe they have a picture of the building

  2. Harry Baines says:

    Does any body know of a caretaker for Universal Stores in Guildford in the name of John White in the early 1900,s and had a son called George born in 1896.
    Many Thanks.
    Harry Baines

  3. Ilse Carlen says:

    Ilse Carlen

    Has anyone a photograph of Charles Frederick Becher, Civil Engineer in London, who had lived in Bagshot before his death in 1940. He is buried in the cemetery of Bagshot in the grave of his wife, Maira Vicenta de Pereda, Countess de Rivas ( died in 1934).

    I would like to have a photograph of him to include it in the biography of his step-son, the wirter Vincent Donovan who had stayed in my mountain village of Reckingen in Switzerland from 1929-1939.

    Many thanks for your help

    Ilse Carlen, Reckingen in Switzerland

  4. Lucille Hartshorne says:

    My Grandfather Henry Collins was born in Farnham, Surrey on December 20th, 1872. His father was William John Collins, born 12th March,1834 mother Lucy Collins (nee Wilkinson) born 1834. They had eight children, my Grandfather the youngest.
    Are there any records of William and Lucy Collins living in Farnham. Do I have any relatives living in Farnham with the Collins name? Thank you.

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