Ada, Countess of Lovelace, 1839, engraving by William Henry Mote, after Alfred Edward Chalon (By permission of the National Portrait Gallery)

Ada, Countess of Lovelace, 1839, engraving by William Henry Mote,
after Alfred Edward Chalon
(By permission of the National Portrait Gallery)

Browse our selection of People important to Surrey’s past…from actors and garden designers to historians and writers

From Edwin Lutyens to Gertrude Jekyll, from Lewis Carroll to RC Sherriff, from Ada Lovelace to Dirk Bogarde, Surrey has been an influence on and been influenced by artists, architects, historians, archaeologists, authors, painters and photographers, royals…and many more.

Have you done some research into a famous Surrey resident? Or someone who has worked in or been an influence on the county? Please contact us to share your research and help bring the stories of these individuals to life.

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  1. Jill Clowes says:

    Through family history research have found ancestors as far back as 15th. century in Ockley.
    Earliest Thomas de Evershede around 1380 – through to Margaret Evershed who married George Tidy 26/06/1586.
    Would be very interested in any information from any local sources.

    1. Iain Tidey says:

      I can help if you want to go down the line from George Tidy

      1. Victor Breedon says:

        Iain Tidey
        I believe you are the descendent of Alfred Tidey who painted my ancestor Capt. Thomas Henry Breedon about 1850.
        As an amateur painter myself I am using that image for my own portrait of Capt. T.H.Breedon. Would love to get in touch with you. Both liz Pinkney and I have tried Email [email protected]

  2. James Evelyn says:

    In May my wife and I visited The Wotton House were some of my family members lived.
    What a wonderful area this is, I wish we could have spent more time there.
    My 10th great grandfather George Evelyn b. 1526, Uncle Richard b. 1579 and his son
    John Evelyn b.1620. to mention a few.
    On the stair cases I found a total of 7 life size paintings of 3 men and 4 women which I have
    read that are family members.
    My problem is that I can not find anybody that can identify them for me. I took 2 images each
    of these paintings that I would be happy to share.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me identify them.
    Thank you for your help.
    James Evelyn [email protected] Mariposa, CA USA
    This image may be George Evelyn

    1. michael auty says:

      Hello Cousin,
      John Evelyn, diarist, etc. is my direct G-Grandfather. I was lucky enough to walk those stairs at Wooton during my stay in London in 2006-7, my understanding from my research is that – the males at least – were all Charles Evelyn, 3rd and 4th baronets, from the 18th century; i believe one of the latter ones spent a goodly time in an asylum

  3. My Great Aunt, on my mother side, was (Alice) Mildred Cable She was the daughter of Edward Cable J.P. and Draper who was resident in Guildford from 1870’s. She was a very well known Missionary in China in the early 1900’s. She and her two companions were the first European women to cross the Gobi Desert, indeed they did this five times, enduring much hardship and adversity. She wrote many books on her travels, and visited many countries evangelising and enthralling the audience with tales of her adventures.
    If any one has information on Edward or has photos of him or his Drapers shop I would be very interested.
    Thank You

  4. ryan jones says:

    I was in garstobs house in the late 70’s early 80’s,.I went through the assessment centre at the top of the hill before being was a prison and a dangerous place too.

  5. anna says:

    I am looking for information on my mother, Marie Patricia Hernon, who supposed to have been on the student nurse staff around 1956. Do you have a record of her as resident or nursing?

  6. Mary Belle Thompson says:

    My great grandfather, Percy Ben Thompson left Hersham and his Mole Nursery with his wife Edith Kate Salmon in 1913 via Liverpool to move to the Chicago, Illinois area where he had been hired as head gardener for the new Birdhaven Greenhouse Gardens in Jpliet, Il.

    His wife Edith Kate Salmon and 8 children moved to Joliet. This is the town where our family has settled and Grandpa Ben and Grandma Edith are buried here.

    There is a large branch of the Hersham Thompson family living in Joliet, Illinois U.S.A.

  7. Louise Nye says:

    I too, am a descendant of George Tidy and Margaret Evershed , five generations down to Lucy Tidy b 1754, who married John Nye b.1752 in Henfield, Sussex. Through, I recently discovered my connection to the Eversheds and Tidys of Ockley, Surrey, and am planning a trip from Canada to England in the spring of 2015, to visit the area. Would like to connect with others who have the same interest….. Look forward to exchanging data.

  8. Lyndall says:

    Family folklore states that my great 3 times removed grandmother was the great granddaughter of William Cobbett. She was born in Tasmania in 1866. Her parents were Joseph Cobbett & Ann Pickford. Joseph Cobbett was a convict convicted for housebreaking in Farnham & convicted & sentenced at Southampton Assizes on 24/2/1842. His parents were a James Cobbett & Elizabeth Weady who were married in the UK about 1800. I have read quite a bit about William Cobbett & there seems to be contradictory info about his
    children. With your resources would you be able to shed any light on this?
    Regards & Thanks Lyndall

  9. Maureen says:

    I am researching the life of Dr Sydney Herbert Morris whose military headstone is in the graveyard of St Mary Magdalene, Holmwood, Surrey. He died in the London Hospital in January 1918 where he was serving as a Captain in the RAMC. His brother, Sir Ernest Morris was House Governor at the hospital.
    I believe his father, who had been a minister in the Congregational Church at Market Harborough retired and died in Surrey.
    I am trying to trace any descendents and would greatly appreciate any information.

  10. Janet says:

    Does anyone have any information please on any of the Baverstock family, connected to the brewery of that name?

    1. Nicci brown says:

      My ggggg grandfather was Thomas Baverstock from Dorking. Don’t know if there’s any relation there?


      There are still Baverstocks around Dorking,Surrey. There were some living in Wotton, Nr Dorking up until recently

  11. maureen long says:

    I am researching my family tree. The surnames in the Egham area are Lewington and Dolby. Any information would help me trace my ancestors. Thanks.

  12. Pat Atkin says:

    I am researching the families of Durrant and Elliott, they married at St Kathrines Church. I am trying to build my family tree for Lucy Durrant and her parents and Gideon Elliott parents, and any history for the families. I thinks they both lived at Merstham.

  13. denise glue harrison says:

    trying to trace my house who live in it how many familys as the house was built in 1924 i only know 4 familys so far was 2 bedroom changed to a 3 bedroom and was no bath only sink toilet up stairs now bathroom down stairs love to know more about the house as im very intrested in history of my house. thank u

  14. bruce george says:

    Through family history research have found ancestors as far back as 1686 in Wonersh. Henry Bowbrick. one of his son, son’s was Edward Bowbrick 1793 wife Sara who lived in Bowbrick cottage.
    Would be very interested in any information on the Bowbrick’s from any local sources.

    1. Brian Clifford says:

      I remember Mr Bowbrick delivering milk from his van in Chilworth in early 1950’s. Always wore a ‘pork pie’ or trilby hat. Often accompanied by his daughter, Thelma. Presumably you have contacted Wonersh History Society?

  15. Mary Collis Bird says:

    does any one have information on the Collis Bird family ?

    1. Gillian says:

      My grandfather was from the Collis-Heanes family who owned the dairy in Bletchingley. Could he be a relation?

  16. Julie Gale says:

    Hi,I am trying to trace my great grandmother.Her name was Spinks.She ended her life living back at her daughters marital home , Eva Walter at 15 Doris Road Ashford Common Middlesex.
    I want to know whether she divorced or her husband died?

    1. Matthew Walter says:

      Interesting. My family name is Walter. The family lived in Weybridge for many years, my grandfather had several butcher shops in the area, as did his brother.

      1. judith lockwood says:

        Hi Matthew,
        just noticed your 2020 post. I dont suppose anyone from your family knows
        the Harvey family who supposedly lived in Weybridge 1896+, I’ve been trying to trace my Grandfather for years with no result, his name was william harvey,
        he apparently had an older sister called Elsie and one called Annie,
        nobody in the family knows who his parents were, he was very secretive.
        he joined the merchant navy, and ended up in Tasmania Australia.
        which is where i live.

  17. Pat O`Brien says:

    Dr Peter Mellett was was a very impressive Psychiatrist at Netherne during the mid-60s & 70s.
    He was a great lecturer in neurology and specialised in psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine
    Does anyone remember him?
    Pat O`Brien, Psychiatric Nursing Student, 1964 – 1967

  18. John Habron says:

    I am researching the life of Priscilla Barclay (1905-1994). She was – I believe – born at Bury Hill. She studied Dalcroze Eurhythmics (Paris and London) and occupational therapy (Bristol). She worked in Belfast at the Richmond Lodge School immediately before and at the Cassel Hospital immediately after WW2. She then spent time in Mass., USA. From 1956 to 1977 Priscilla was music therapist at St Lawrence’s Hospital, Caterham, where she made a significant contribution to the profession. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about her OR who has any connections to those who worked and lived at St Lawrence’s. Thank you, John

  19. mark clarke says:

    My grandparents moved to Lightwater Surrey from Islington, from since having rented property in the Avenue and along the Guilford road, within during this period and with living in the Guilford road was believed during the 1930s been its busy of traffic and whilst having them presently 4 children also to dangerous, so eventually came them having purchased a large 3 bed house in Grasmere road, my grandfather he worked in the local saw mill somewhere within Grasmere road and eventually came also purchasing a substantial plot of land opposite Junction road in Ambleside road, hoping one day after having plans drawn up building 6 houses one each for all those his 6 children, until was this my grandfather sadly for everyone came finally with selling this land to some other and the rest is now all but actual history.

  20. chasset says:

    Does any one have information on the Forman family living at Pipp Brook house?

  21. sikander ajam says:

    I am researching the life of William Lennard, and his sons, their address was Gorse cottage Farnham, Churt, in 1932/33.
    Need information regarding their residences, from that period.

  22. sally says:

    I am hoping to find some history on my great grandfather t.w.earle he owned a music shop and I found his business card with the address 4,canning terrace lower abbiscombe road Croydon,tho my father only mentioned his grandfather sold pianos nothing else was and hoping you can help,sincerely yours s.otis from canada

  23. sarah hearn says:

    Locating the ‘HEARN’ family

  24. Dee Barry says:

    Hi. Researching the Beauchamp family, traced back to Ralph Beauchamp. Living in Kingston upon Thames born around 1624 ish, I think his father’s name was John, any information on the family would be great. Thanks.

  25. Gail (Stringer ) McArthur says:

    I’m a descendant of Arthur Wilkins and his wife, Ellen Eliza (Burgess) Wilkins. They lived in Guildford from about 1900 until 1922, when they accompanied 5 of their 12 children to Alberta, Canada. I have visited some of my Wilkins cousins, and at one time had a poster of the big clock on the High Street. One of my Dad’s cousins took me to see the house in Arthur, Ellen and their brood lived – but I don’t have a picture of it! In my memory it was not far from the clock, but as I’m 65 and that was 30 years, my memory could be wrong! I’m attempting to create a family tree for my grandchildren, in the form of a book, complete with photographs. If I were to find the address from census info online, is it possible that some kind soul might take and send a picture of this family home? I believe that Arthur Wilkins ran a transport company at the turn of the century, and in fact his wife Ellen Burgess was the daughter of a miller (perhaps in Emsworth?) and Arthur transported grain for Ellen’s father. I live near Vancouver, BC, Canada, and am currently unable to travel to the UK for health reasons. Thanks in advance for any future help!

    1. Michael Randall says:

      My name is Michael Randall and I live in Canada. My great grandparents were Edward Wilkins (died 1899 or 1900) and Lucy Gadd. They got married in Epsom, Surrey England in 1883. Their dauther Ellen (Helen) was my grand mother. She was born in 1899 and married Sidney Lester Randall. Helen came to Canada in 1946. Would you happen to have information about those people?

      1. Adrian Wilkins says:

        Hello Michael
        I am a Wilkins, though not of your line of descent. Perhaps this might help:-
        Edward WILKINS b. Mar Q 1854 Bookham (Leatherhead reg.dist) married 20 Oct 1883 (in the church of St Mary and St Nicholas, Leatherhead) Lucy GADD and had these 8 children:-

        Frances Lucy WILKINS 1884
        Alice WILKINS 1995
        Albert WILKINS 1887-1887
        Edward WILKINS 1887-1887
        Annie WILKINS 1891-1977
        Emily WILKINS 1893-1928
        Sidney Edward WILKINS 1895-1982
        Ellen WILKINS 1899

        Edward (senior) WILKINS was the son of Emery WILKINS 1821-1881 and Frances BIXLEY 1826-1879

        This couple also had
        Emery (or James Emery) WILKINS 1851-
        Annie 1858-1928
        Alice 1860-1921
        Laura Amy 1863-
        George William 1866-
        Alfred 1869-1952

        Emery (senior) WILKINS was born in 1821 in Charlwood, Surrey, the son of Charles WILKINS (1783-1859) and Elizabeth KENT (1797-1883). There were 10 children in all (email me if you want the lot).

        Charles WILKINS was b. in 1783 in Horley, Surrey and died in Sep 1859 in Charlwood, Surrey.
        He was the son of Thomas WILKINS (1748-1827) and Elizabeth JORDAN (1755-1824). They married in Charlwood on 22 May 1775.
        There were 15 children in this family (…ditto…)

        Thomas WILKINS was b. in abt 1748 in Nutfield, Surrey, died on 14 April 1827 in Horley, Surrey and is buried in the churchyard of St Bartholomew in Horley. Thomas was the son of John WILKINS (1725-???) and Elizabeth (name unknown).

        Your grandmother Ellen/Helen had two children that I know of: Peter N. RANDALL (1922 Epsom -1998) and Mary E. RANDALL (1929 Kingston -1996).

        That’s about all I can give you for now.

        If you find the address I will see what I can do, albeit I live 150 miles away

        I would appreciate you filling in what you know about all the descendants of Ellen please.

        Best wishes

        Best wishes

    2. Adrian Wilkins says:

      Hello Gail
      I have your ancestors Arthur Wilkins (c.1862-????) and Ellen Eliza Burgess (c.1866-????), both born Westbourne, Sussex on my database, although they are not in my personal tree. They married in Jun Q 1884 in Portsea, Hampshire and had 10 children (Nellie Bertha, Ethel Mary, Claude, Augustus, May, Ada, Josephine, Don, Dennis, and Leslie. All were born in Hampshire, from Westbourne along the coast to Emsworth. I can give you more info if you like.

      I think that Arthur’s father was William WILKINS (c.1837 – ????) and his mother was Ann (last name unknown).

      I have found nothing about the alleged transport company, nor the miller’s family.

      Best wishes

  26. Rod Moore says:

    My grandfathers brother Charles H(enry) moore had a newsagent/ supplies shop in Croyden on a corner.(I have a photo of him outside the shop)He may have had more shops. Im trying to get hold of any info or track his family to add to my family tree. I have googled wiyhout success. Thanks
    Rod Moore

  27. BISHOP says:


  28. Walter Higley says:

    I am descendent of the Higley’ from Frimley . Dans Higley was born in 1520. Richard Higley was born in 1550. Johnathan Higley was born in 1570. John Higley was born in 1599.Johnathan Higley was born in 1624. His son John Higley born in1649 came to the US in 1664. If anyone has any information about any of them , I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  29. antony pelling says:

    i am looking for anythink to do with edward james born 1799 died1804 was a watchmaker ,lived at 33 downng street, i would love a picture or a pocket watch made from him, if any one has any information please let me know
    many thank,s antony.p

    1. antony pelling says:

      sorry died 1894 in farnham

    2. antony pelling says:

      edward james born 1799 died 1904

      1. antony pelling says:

        edward james pocket watch maker born 1799 died 1893 petersfield hampshire died in farnham surrey,

  30. Larraine Hickey says:

    My g-g-g-g grandfather, Philip Jacob, was born in Wonersh in 1762. I would like any information of his life there, or of his parents, Benjamin and Mary.

  31. cheryl says:

    My grandfather Peter Palmer was born in Tongham surrey in 1930. His Mother was Annie and she use to work on Ceaser farm. My grandfather had a brother and sister who died while they where still children, but he had another sister and younger brother who he grew up with. It would be lovely/interesting to hear from anyone who knew the family.

  32. Felicity Brough says:

    I am trying to trace the my ancestor Thomas Moore who married Sarah Floyd 3 July 1876 in Croydon, Surrey. They had twins Thomas & John b 1779. It would be great to hear from anyone who has traced the Moore or Floyd family trees. Thomas’ son John had a large family, and many of John’s descendants immigrated to New Zealand.

    It would also be really interesting to know about what life was like for the Moores in Croydon in the late 1700s and early 1800s. John was a confectioner and pastry cook.

  33. Derek lewis says:

    Hi l am searching for info on my blood Father. His name was henry or harry Clark who had a child with Elsie Lewis of claygate Surrey but lived for sometime on the Portsmouth road Thames ditton. Apparently they both worked during the war years at Andre rubber winters bridge. My mother died in 2001 at 89.

  34. Barbara Adams says:

    I am trying to trace my g. g. grandfather William Humphrey who was born in Surrey, England in 1816, I was looking at the William that was born in Barnes, but I have now ruled him out as he got married in 1844 in Surrey & my William was married in 1843 in Sydney Australia arriving out here in 1840 on the ship “Augusta Jessie” as a member of the crew, I now think that his mother was Martha Humphrey from Dorking, Surrey, I am also wondering if he was in the Merchant Navy. I believe that men that were in the Merchant Navy have more information on them. I would like any information I can get on William & his mother Martha who I think is the daughter of Richard & Ann born in 1794, in Surrey.

  35. Shaun says:

    Can anyone shed some light on the family of Richard and Jane Hamilton and their children. Indications to this stage suggest they were born in Thames Ditton, Surrey around 1850’s? Would appreciate any information or re-direction to other areas of research/links.

  36. Jean says:

    I am trying to trace a brick wall!!!! Her name was Lilian M Williams born 1893 Lugershall Sussex moved to Woking from Ripley married Charles Hill 1915 Woking Surrey he died 1917 France
    Cannot trace her after that
    Any help appreciated

    1. Amy Wills says:

      Hi! 2 years down the line but incase you pick this up! My mothers paternal side were Hill’s from the Ripley & Ockham area! My great grandfather was Alfred Charles…and I believe there are a few with name combinations of charles and alfred through those generations. I believe there are alor of strands of the hill lines in the area still but I am yet to join all the dots. I would be intrigued if you have anymore information and we can possibly link it all up.
      Kind regards

  37. Vicki Aitchison says:

    We are researching the history of our house in Winchester Road, Walton on Thames and the Power family. We can’t find the date it was built but pretty sure it was late 1890s/early 1900s. Can anyone help with the house or the family history ?

  38. Steve Bicknell says:

    My ancestor Willam Bicknell was a Worplesden hop-grower around 1493. Has anybody any info regarding his family tree please. TIA.

  39. Shaun Doust says:

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone who is researching or interested in the Doust ancestry?
    I am in South Africa and researching the Doust from Surrey and Greater London.
    Currently stuck with my 6th great grand parents: Thomas Doust married to Mary James in Horley Surrey on 5th March 1764

    1. Guy Doust says:

      I am a Doust, born in Wimbledon in 1944 and living in Surrey until 1965. I am not sure that I can help as my records of my Kent forebears are all available on line. May I ask if you have come across a William Henry Doust, born around 1830 in Greenwich, in your research?

  40. Mark Starr says:

    I am a writer currently researching the unsolved murder of GEORGE CHUTER–a resident of Byfleet who was mutilated and killed in the kitchen of his cottage on Chertsey Road on the night of January 12, 1888. No one was ever charged with the brutal crime. George was a retired carpenter/builder, 67-years-old when he was murdered. He lived in his cottage with his son James, a grocer, (who attended a village band practice at the Pavillion at the time George was murdered.) George’s wife Lucy died in February 1887.

    I am hoping to find an image of George Chuter–such as a photograph, or a drawing, or a portrait painting. I would also be keenly interested in any photos of Lucy Chuter or James Chuter. To anyone with knowledge of photographs of George, Lucy and James Chuter: please contact me at [email protected]

    Any personal reminiscences of George Chuter or the Byfleet Murder, passed down through family histories in Surrey, would also be greatly appreciated.

    1. Robert Haviland says:

      Hi Mark
      Saw your post re Chuter have that name in my ancestry log don’t know if there is any connection would be happy to connect with yo to share info originally from Cranleigh but that was a long time ago now
      My email is [email protected]
      Have a safe day,

  41. Lisa says:

    I am trying to find any information I can about the Conway, Bean and McRae families that were in Croydon from the early 1800’s onwards. James Bean married Elizabeth Ann Conway at St John the Baptist. Croydon in 1842. He was a Market Gardener in the area, I believe he owned some land there. Elizabeth lived at Oak Cottage, Windmill Lane Croydon with her step-father George Patrick and her mother Maria Patrick (formerly Conway, nee Pike) before her marriage. If anyone has information about these families it would be great.

  42. Andrea giles says:

    Andy trying to find out about my blood father Derek cannon drove coach’s for Ben Stanley home address Northfield road Cobham, my mother was a student nurse she was from addlestone an has now passed away

  43. Sue says:

    I live in Lyne House Capel, Dorking. This is the former country house of the Broadwood piano family from 1799 – 1975 when Capt Broadwood died.
    I would love to hear any stories about life at Lyne or any connections with the house or family.
    Personal recollections would be wonderful.

  44. Gareth says:

    My great grandfather was the cousin of John James Fairbrother, who was imprisoned in 1908 for the murder of his wife Emily (maiden name Higgins) in Westcott (the so called “Westcott Tragedy”). I have many of the newspaper reports which provided much information about the incident and subsequent trial, but I am interested to see if anyone can flesh out the lives of John and Emily before the incident, and if anyone can tell me what happened to John? I know he was initially sentenced to death, but had his sentenced commuted to life in prison, but little else.

    I know John and Emily had three surviving children and would be interested to know what happened to them. (The eldest daughter was named Edith Emily Fairbrother, b.1899).

  45. Bob Shelton says:

    Do you know the story of Emily Jane Popejoy. She was my grandfathers sister who died from abuse by the lady she worked for in London. She died home in Bagshot around 1897. I am researching my grandfathers history. His name is Frank James Powell. We believe he was born Jame Frank Popejoy but changed his name because of the attention this case got and went off to the Boar WaR.
    Bob Shelton, Newmarket Ontario, Canada

  46. Harry {Roy) Wilcox says:

    Mrs. Kathleen May of the Grove Frimley died I understand at the age of 104.
    I know that she had a daughter Shirley and son Peter, who also gave an interview with the Camberley News on her 100th. birthday. I cannot find this clip anymore.
    I would appreciate receiving more information on Mrs. May, as she took in my brother for five years during the second world war…

  47. silvia alineri says:

    Hi, I’m writing from Milan, Italy and I’m desperately searching for info about Miss Margaret Helen Fielden wo was born in Godakming on juin 3th and died on September 29 th working as member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in a Mlitary hospital ofMILAN. She’ s buried in a small Cemetery of Commonwealth, in Milan, the ONLY WOMAN among more than 400 soldiers.
    I know almost everything about her, but unfortunateli I don’t succeed in finfìding out one photo of her….I go on praying on her white little grave, but I’d like to have one of her photo to keep her face in my heart.
    Her aunt refused I contacted in London refuses any helping and I I don’t know how a woma can be so hard knowing that there’s someone watching over the grave of her unfortunately, joung niece.Can anyone help me? Thank you very much, love. Silvia

  48. Sue ( Royle) Paterson says:

    I’m looking to get in touch with any of my family left in and around Holmbusy st Mary Surrey. My maiden name was ROYLE and my grandfather had a farm where he owned the 1951 Grand national winner Nickelcoin .

  49. Caroline Ferguson says:

    Do you have a link between the Salmons/Daley/Wanstall family and Air Commodore Christopher Lloyd Courtney(1890-1976)? He is a neighbor of the Wanstalls in the 1939 National Register.

  50. Stella Davies says:

    I am researching my family tree and I’m trying to trace the families of William Mills born at Bletchingly about 1783 and his wife Ann (could be Edwards) born at Burstow around 1799. They had a son George born at Godstone about 1828, he would be my g.g. grandfather.
    Any information or help with this would be much appreciated, and may I say what an excellent website this is…………many thanks

  51. Peter says:

    I am trying to trace Physlis Purdy from the 1950,s who lived in Farnham in the county of surrey

  52. Dean Plummer says:

    I am trying to find out when my great uncle Arthur William Plummer enlisted into the army during WW1 his service no is 61003 and when he died on 19th July 1918 he was serving with 6th Battalion The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment

  53. Mr Robert Hawkins says:

    Robert Hawkins
    my grate grand father had a farm in clay gate on his passing it went to my grandfathers older brother ,my grandad used to visit but I never got to know were it was, I would be so pleased if some one could help all I have is a photo off the front Door with my Dad’s uncle Dicky sitting on the front step with the dog, seams they are very much part of the family still .

  54. william dewdney says:

    I am looking for the history of the Dewdney family in the Horsham area, my Grand Father came from Horsham, do you know the Dewdney’s?

    1. Tom dewdney says:

      Hello William , I am also a dewdney, living in Norwich currently , don’t really know too much about my last names past

  55. Gordon Redman says:

    Hi and thank you for the chance to find out more about my father even if I come to a dead end it’s still a chance,My father was in a home in London called the Lady Somerset homes and he told me he then moved to Charlwood and went to St. John’s school? He was navy and was in Bristol around 1945 46 so I think it around 1930 ish he would have been in Charlwood.His name is Laurence Douglas Redman and if I have got it right also carved his name in a tree near by . I know this is a long shot but thank you regards Gordon James Redman

  56. Judith Hopwood says:

    I’m interested in any information of the CARMAN Family who loved in Godstone and Reigate in the 1800s and up to WW1. Johnathan settled in Australia.

  57. Brian Clifford says:

    Has anybody any knowledge of the Clifford family of Lower Court Road, Epsom, please? Or of the Coates family of West Surrey?

  58. m braddick says:

    I’m trying to trace my heritage I belive I have gypsy blood .my mum was sheila king born 1945
    My nan was Ethel lian king born 1910
    My grandfather william bill king 1910.
    In london surry . My grandfather was chimney sweeper my nan was fortune teller .can any one help me please

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