Politics and Activism

Surrey has been an attractive home for political figures both at a local and national level.

Lady Henry Somerset (SHC ref PH122/1/159)

Lady Henry Somerset
(SHC ref PH122/1/159)

Surrey History Centre collections include (click on the links to see the collections catalogue):

  • Politicians such as James Chuter Ede one time leader of Surrey County Council, Labour MP for South Shields and Home Secretary was born and continued to live in Ewell. (SHC Ref: 390/- and SHC  Ref: 6408/-)
  • Social reformers such as Lady Henry Somerset, founder and benefactor of Duxhurst Village  (SHC Ref: CC978/-)
  • Find out more about social reformer Edward Carpenter, who was one of the first gay activists, and is buried in Guildford.
Ethel Smyth, 1913 (SHC ref 9180/9/27)

Ethel Smyth, 1913
(SHC ref 9180/9/27)

  • The Women’s Suffrage Movement was active in Surrey from the 1870s. Find out about the suffragette activities of Woking composer Dame Ethel Smyth (1858-1944) and her imprisonment in Holloway. You can even hear her talking to the author Vera Brittain about her activities in the Suffragette window-smashing campaign of March 1912, which lead to her arrest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/suffragettes/8314.shtml.
  • Find out more about Emily Wilding Davison‘s ultimate sacrifice for the Women’s Suffrage Movement at the 1913 Epsom Derby, and learn about the suffragette literature of Constance Maud (1857-1929).

To find out more about some of the reformers and political activists in Surrey’s heritage follow the links on the left hand side.

One thought on “Politics and Activism”

  1. Edmund J.A.Stone says:

    My Great Grandfather William Henry Stone (MP for Portsmouth 1865-74) lived at Lea Park Estate after 1874.According to records I have found he lived at Lower House on the Lea Park Estate in 1896-the year he died.He is buried at All Saints Church ,Witley. He had previously owned and built a house at Leigh Park in Havant where he lived from 1865-1874.
    Do you have any records showing William Henry Stone and/or any of his family during his years in Surrey?

    Sincerely – Ed Stone

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