Ivan Donald Margary (1896 – 1976)

A notable archaeologist and Surrey resident.

Margary, 1897-1976, spent most of his life farming on his estate at Chartham Park, Surrey after graduating from Exeter College, Oxford.  His early interests were broadened by a growing fascination with the archaeology of the areas of Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

He was a notable archaeologist who, as a Surrey resident, maintained a great interest in the county and joined the Surrey Archaeological Society in 1927.  In 1946 he was elected Vice-President.  In gratitude for special donations for Library purposes, the Society re-named its principle room at Castle Arch the Margary Room.

He developed a special interest in Roman roads and decided to conduct fieldwork on the proposed road that passed nearby to his home.  His studies expanded to include other Roman roads in the area, which led to the publication of Roman ways in the Weald in 1948 and then the larger, two volume Roman Roads in Britain in 1957, which has become the standard work on the subject.  Margary was happy to acknowledge new information and corrections to his work, and subsequently revised versions of his books have been printed over the years.

He published over 60 papers mainly on Surrey and the Sussex and Kent regions.  He was also a generous man, and made benefactions to many organisations, including helping to facilitate the acquisition of Fishbourne Roman Palace and Avebury.  He also made donations to the Society of Antiquities, Council for British Archaeology and the Sussex, Kent and Surrey Archaeological Societies.

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