Ernest Christie (1863 – 1937)

Ernest Christie was born in Sunny Bank, Redhill, in 1863, into an artistic family, including his mother Ann, father David and uncle John Sands.  At the age of 10, Ernest won a prize for an oil painting of a farmhouse at Nutfield, and he went on to produce many pictures of Surrey landscapes, buildings and their furnishings.

Christie exhibited paintings at the Royal Society of British Artists, Sussex Street, and at the Royal Academy.  He was a member of the North British Academy, and was elected to the Royal Society of Arts in 1930.

Christie lived in east Surrey throughout his life.  By 1893, he had moved to Clementsdene, Oxted, and in 1898, he moved to St Albans, Godstone Road, Caterham Valley.  From 1910 to 1920, he lived at War Coppice, Caterham, before moving to Pollingfold, Ockley in 1921, where he lived until his death in 1937.

The collection of his sketchbooks held at Surrey History Centre comprise drawings in various states of completion (fully completed sketches being initialled and dated), depicting landscapes, primarily of buildings, and building interiors or details, in particular historic furniture and domestic and industrial equipment.  Scenes of the following parishes are included: Bletchingley, Limpsfield, Oxted, Godstone, Caterham, Titsey, Crowhurst, Lingfield, Tandridge, Nutfield, Coulsdon, Woldingham, Horley, Purley, Chaldon, Chelsham (given as Chelsfield but probably Chelsham) and Reigate; also Westerham, Chelsfield and Brasted, Kent, and East Grinstead, Sussex.

4 thoughts on “Ernest Christie (1863 – 1937)”

  1. matthew parker says:

    hello i recently found what i think is an ink drawing of shiremark windmill in surrey by ernest christie. it was going to be thrown out because it has a bit of wood worm damage but i thought it looked worth saving and then looked up the artists name and found this website. Do you know of any other pictures he has done of windmills or any other ink drawings on line i could look at to compare it too? is it important enough that it should be in a museum if it is an ernest christie?your help would be much apreciated as i find the picture very intresting.thankyou

  2. Stephen Bullen says:

    I have an Ernest Christie”Cottage in Surrey” with an E C monogram and “15” year?
    Am seeking any relevant information.

  3. Nicky Rowe says:

    My great grandmother used to take tea to Ernest as he painted, I have two of his paintings which I cherish they were given to her as a gift from Ernest, would love to see your painting

  4. David Batho says:

    Is there a catalogue of Ernest Christie’s works, as I believe I might own a painting by him. (He was a distant relative of mine.)

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