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The image below is part of a collection of Hassell watercolours held at the Surrey History Centre. High quality copies of these and other images from the collection are available for purchase from Surrey History Centre.

Find out more details on the Surrey History Centre website.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

To find out more about the watercolour visit the collection catalogue record – SHC Ref 7468/8/5

Many of the parish records from St Peter’s church are now available to search and browse on-line through Ancestry.

St Peter’s church and nearby features are included in the county’s Historic Environment Record, click the following links to see more information, including a location map:

HER 906 – St Peter’s Church, Walton-on-the-Hill

HER 898 – Probable Norman castle mound, adjacent to Walton Manor

HER 899 – Walton Manor : including 13th century hall and chapel

Click here to see more information, including a location map showing other historic buildings and archaeological features in the local area included in the county’s Historic Environment Record,

Read more about the village of Walton on the Hill.

Click here for more information on John and Edward Hassell and to see a list of the other galleries available on this site.

One thought on “Walton on the Hill – Hassell Images”

  1. adele says:

    Lovely Walton on the Hill.. used to live there and got married at St Peter’s… very old church.. as The Manor, Anne of Cleves was supposed to have lived there, its on the sign in the Church and my mother had a business in Walton, called Anne Cleves.. in Tudor Court. Walton St… shall be back on this site thanks, love Surrey, now live in NZ but due back for a trip next June..

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