Broadwood “Family Tree”

There is a slim volume of poetry Leaves from the family tree, St Martin’s Press (c.1920) collected and edited by Lucy Broadwood; SHC ref 2185/LEB/10/124. These verses are written, collected and translated by members of the Broadwood family including Bertha Broadwood, Lucy Broadwood, Barbara M Craster, Alice Isabel Broadwood and Ann Agatha Broadwood.

Reproduced below is a poem by Ann Agatha Broadwood (first cousin of Lucy Broadwood and Bertha Broadwood, daughter of Walter Stewart Broadwood). Written in 1887 she recalls memories of summer spent at Lyne:



Lazily stretched on the soft green turf

Under the Abele tree,

Dreaming away the peaceful forenoon,

The scent of sweet flowers, the fragrance of June

Came laden with memory.


I thought of the days when we tripped hand in hand,

Little maidens light-hearted and free:

How we rode in the wagon, and rocked in the swing,

How we made golden balls of the cowslips in spring,

And all nature seemed joyous as we!


Oh! Abele! Though many long years have sped by

Since a child ’neath thy branches I played,

The sound of thy tremulous Leaves as they stir,

With a mumur of welcome, still falls on my ear

As I gratefully rest in thy shade.


My childhood is over, my youth has passed o’er

And the years have brought sorrow and pain:

Those sunshiny days can no future restore,

For the springtide of life, with the hopes that it bore

Returns not to blossom again.


Yet oh! Silvery Abele! For joys of the past

I would not one moment repine,

But rested and soothed by thy whispers of peace

My spirit once more from all cares I release

As of old, in the sunshine at Lyne.


July 17 1887 A.A.B.

“Abele” – White Poplar- Populus Alba

Ada and tree ESP

Photograph of Ada Broadwood, wife of Henry John Tschudi Broadwood (second son of Henry Fowler Broadwood),
captioned “Ada Broadwood under the “Family Tree” 1886”; SHC ref 9078/2/2.

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