Edward II, King of England (1284 – 1327)

In a recent biography, Same-Sex Unions in Pre-modern Europe by J Boswell, it is claimed that Edward II (1284-1327) not only fought an intractable war with Scotland, he also fought with his own nobility over his love for another man, Piers Gaveston. The nobility were so afraid of their relationship and Gavestons influence that they were driven to murder Gaveston in 1312, and Edward in 1327.

Archive sources are scarce and ambiguous but Edward and Piers certainly met at Guildford Castle, although it is unclear whether they stayed in the castle itself or the manor house in the park.

Royal love nest? Guildford Castle. Image: Richard Purkiss SU998493

Royal love nest? Guildford Castle
Image: Richard Purkiss SU998493

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