Studio portrait photograph of Bertha Marion Broadwood. Photographer: W & D Downey, London. 1880. Surrey History Centre ref 2185/296/37.

Bertha Marion Broadwood was the fourth daughter of Henry Fowler Broadwood (of John Broadwood and Sons).

She was a great organiser, taking on the role of managing the family home Lyne House when her parents became less able and from 1888 managing her father’s business affairs. Following the death of her sister-in-law Margaret Evelyn in 1889 she became joint guardian of her brother James’ children and after his death in 1903 took sole responsibility for the three children.

In addition to her involvement in the family business, John Broadwood and Sons, she took an active interest in politics, community matters and education of the working classes founding the Cottage Benefit Nursing Association in 1883, setting up a Reading Room for the village of Rusper, establishing a Popular Lecture Association and was on the board of managers of Capel School. Her interest in current affairs led to her opposition to the women’s suffrage movement, trades unionism and socialism. She was active member of the Women’s Liberal Unionist Association and supporter of the Irish Unionists.

Throughout her life she travelled widely in Europe, particularly France and also spent a year in India (1883/4).

For more information relating to Bertha Broadwood’s papers and correspondence see the catalogue of the archive held at Surrey History Centre.

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