The Amazing World of Alice in Wonderland


Alice Liddell married Reginald Hargreaves at Westminster Abbey. She was 28 years old. The couple lived on the grand estate of ‘Cuffnells’, in Lyndhurst at the heart of the New Forest, and had three sons – Alan Knyveton (born 1881), Leopold Reginald (1883), and Caryl Liddell (1887). Alice denied any connection between the name of her third son, and Lewis Carroll, although the second, Leopold (nicknamed Rex) was named after Prince Leopold, who had also been romantically linked to Alice before she married.


Amy Irene Hume Dodgson, another niece for Carroll, was born to Skeffington Dodgson (Carroll’s younger brother) and his wife Isabel Mary Dodgson, born Cooper.

Skeffington and Isabel had five children in total (their two sons died young), but Amy will prove particularly important as her son, Philip Dodgson Jaques (born 1919) became the senior executor of the Dodgson Estate.

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