Sport, War, Hollywood and more: RC Sherriff’s life and career in 40 images

As part of the HLF project To Journey’s End and Beyond two volunteers browsed through the extensive range of photographs and play programmes in the Sherriff collections, and chose a selection of 40 items which they then digitised to form a gallery of key visual moments from Sherriff’s life.

The gallery focuses on four areas, stretching from the 1900s to the 1970s: childhood, Sherriff’s war service, Journey’s End, and his later literary career.

For full details of the what material is held in the RC Sherriff archive and library collections at Surrey History Centre, including Sherriff’s published novels, see the dedicated collections page.

2 thoughts on “Sport, War, Hollywood and more: RC Sherriff’s life and career in 40 images”

  1. Ad van der Logt says:

    Thank you for the interesting story and photo’s of R.C. Sherriff. Did you know that Journey’s End was played by two professional theatergroups in Holland in the thirties? If you’re interested I can send you some photographs of one of these productions.

  2. Jane Parkinson says:

    The photograph of the Young Solider is Bundy Sherriff. I have two versions of the same picture.

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