Watercolour by John Harrison Scott, ‘Hersham Lodge, the seat of J Scott Esq near Esher taken from the Rover Mole’, c.1820 (SHC ref 4220/1 p.54)

Watercolour by John Harrison Scott, ‘Hersham Lodge, the seat of J Scott Esq near Esher taken from the Rover Mole’, c.1820 (SHC ref 4220/1 p.54)

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Architectural drawing of Royal Dramatic College, Maybury, Woking, by William Webbe, 1861 (SHC ref 9759/1).

Architectural drawing of Royal Dramatic College, Maybury, Woking, by William Webbe, 1861 (SHC ref 9759/1).

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East Surrey Family History Society ( For the past forty three years the East Surrey Family History Society has been helping members trace their family history whether they have family connections to the East Surrey area or enjoy attending events connected with family, social or local history.

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The objectives of the Society are to collect, index, co-ordinate, publish and make accessible, in the interests of genealogy, any documents or records relating to the ancient County of Surrey; to promote the preservation of such documents or records; to encourage the study of genealogy; to assist educationally, by lectures or otherwise, in record research.

49 thoughts on “Places”

  1. Barbara Martin says:

    Hello, I am a descendant of the “Munday” family who once lived in “Fir Tree Cottage” (c16th Century?) in Tilford Street opposite the ‘Barley Mow’ Hotel and village green in Tilford. I once visited the property in 1975 which was owned by the Pertwee family. I tried to make contact with the local historical society at Tilford in the late 1990’s but communications were lost. I would like to know if the cottage is still standing and if you have any history about the actual building of the house or about my family. My family names are George Munday, Anne Jarrett and Frederick or Fred Munday who resided there before emigrating to South Australia. Many thanks, Barbara Martin ( Munday).

    1. Kevin Munday says:

      Hi Barbara

      My great-grand father was James Munday (1870-1962), who was one of George Munday/Ann Jarratt’s children and Fred Munday’s younger brother. I have a family tree on if you want to connect there.

      My dad says that Fir Tree Cottage is still there!

      Best wishes


      1. Barbara Martin says:

        Kevin, Many thanks for your interest. I have given permission for you to contact me via email via Surrey Past Phil Cooper. I am on the Fred Munday from Adelaide family. Kindest regards, Barbara Martin

        1. Barbara Martin says:

          Asking when ‘Fir Tree Cottage’ was built. Asking the names of Munday children born to Ann Jarrett and George Munday. I am descended from my great- grandfather Fred Munday who emigrated to south Australia who later married Annie O’Neil from Ireland. They had 5 children and settled at Marryatville, Adelaide where Fred worked at the local brewery and later a grocer and built his own houses with the help of Fred Munday my grandfather ( who married Hazel Lewis : 2 issues; Geoffery and Peter Munday – my father Adelaide, SA.) Looking for any other family information please from Kevin Munday where does he live. Regards, Barbara Martin ( nee Munday)

          1. Barbara Martin says:

            Correction to name: Eliza O’Neill not Annie O’Neil

  2. susan gregory says:

    In1944 I was born in Linkfield House, Batts Hill. Redhill.
    Can anyone inform me, what was the house and who owned it. I think it was a home for unmarried mothers!
    Thankyou for any information
    Susan Gregory

    1. Anonymous says:

      You should contact the Surrey County Record Office. Search on the web, or ask at the Royal Commission for Historical Manuscripts, which is now part of the National Archives at Kew.

    2. Stephen Turnbull says:

      I too was born there in 1948 and may have some useful information to share with you.

      1. Stephen Judd says:

        Hi Stephen,
        Sorry to butt in on this old post but I have exhausted all the other options for finding out the History and getting an image of Demark Lodge / Linkfield House, where I too was born in 1944.
        I would appreciate any information you might have.
        Best wishes,

        1. ESP Admin says:

          Surrey History Centre has received a number of enquiries before concerning the Mothers and Babies Home in Linkfield House and have found the following:

          Linkfield House was situated in Linkfield Lane, Batts Hill, Redhill. The house was taken over by the Denmark Nursing Home which had been set up in around 1928 at 16 Grove Hill Road, Redhill. The nursing home took its name from Denmark House which was next door to the home and belonged to G H James. It was run by Mrs G H James as matron. The Home moved in around 1937/8 to Linkfield House in Batts Hill and remained there until around 1948. During this period it was known as Denmark Nursing Home and was a wartime nursing home for unmarried mothers. No records are known to have survived. Unfortunately, the records of mother and babies homes have a very bad survival rate.

          Very little seems to be known about Denmark House/Linkfield Lodge. No records of its time as a maternity home appear to survive, so that the birth certificates of those who were born there, are probably the only proof of its existence as a maternity home. This seems to be a common situation regarding the many wartime, emergency maternity homes.

          The original Linkfield House/Denmark Nursing Home still stands. In recent years it has been the HQ of the local Territorial Army unit and the Army Cadets. The TA is scheduled to leave there very soon, so what future Linkfield House now has, is unsure.

          1. Susan G says:

            This year 2016 I was reunited with my sister who was born in 1945 at Linkfield house. She was only able to find out her birth name in 2015. She had been told there were no records but the original records were found by a search company- findermonkey. This has meant so much to all the descendants – perhaps the local council could play a role too. Life changing!

      2. JW says:

        I know this is a very old thread but I wonder if you are still about Stephen and could share any useful information you have. My mother in law was born at Linkfield House in 1948.

      3. Margaret Cook says:

        Stephen , long story short . ..My Mother was “ sent away “ by her Mother to a “ home “ in Surrey , it is my believe it was because she was pregnant …I’ve been researching for ages …her Surname was Turnbull . …not sure if this is your birth name BUT anything is worth a try get some answers . Mum is deceased now .

    3. Sarah says:

      Hi Susan

      I think I know the house where you were born. It is now owned by the Army Cadets. It was until recently the TA Centre, and is still used by the Air Cadets. It is a handsome old-fashioned house but now very institutional. Someone told me it was a home for unmarried mothers until recently. I am sure the Surrey Records Office could help you find out more – or the local history section of Redhill library.

      Best wishes


    4. James says:

      Hi to everyone who has posted here. I have been trying to find out information about where my Mother was born in 1944 – all she knows is that it was in the Redhill, Surrey area, and was perhaps a place for unmarried expectant mothers to give birth. I have come across this post and believe that I may have found the place that my Mother was born. I realise that this is an old post, but does anyone have any further information about how I would go about finding old records of births at the home (Linkfield House / Denmark Nursing Home)? My Mother has some sort of birth certificate but it gives very little detail, only her Mother’s name & the place of birth as ‘Redhill, Surrye’. It is dated 1991 so is obviously not an original copy. Any advice greatly received! Regards, James

      1. Lynda vickery says:

        Hullo James

        Like your mother, I was born (1946) at Linkfiled House, Redhill. I did manage to get a copy of my original birth certificate through the social services. Hope this helps.

        1. James says:

          Hi Lynda, thanks for your comment. It is encouraging to hear that you managed to obtain a copy of your original birth certificate. I’d be interested to know more about how you went about this, and also if you have any further info about Linkfield House. I have left my details with the Surrey History Centre who will hopefully pass onto you. Would be great to hear from you! Kind regards, James

  3. Belinda Johnson says:

    Could anyone please provide me with any information on the Central Children’s Homes or on “Shern”. Both of these places are listed as orphanages my father was raised in.

    Belinda Johnson
    [email protected]

  4. John Lindsay says:

    I was wondering on the concept of river as place, so the place names and river names could be mapped and joined?

  5. Ron Woolley says:

    Anyone got original pictures of Mayford School In Mayford Green
    woluld be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    1. Alan says:

      Hello Ron
      Did you get a photo of the school? There is one in Iain Wakeford’s book Bygone Woking, plate 160*. This book is still available (used or new) but if you would like me to scan and mail you a copy, I will be happy to do so. It is only a view from the road but may suit your purpose. I have seen school attendants of this school on the SHC site so worth a look.
      *. Not originals, as requested but may be of use?

  6. Pam Gittins says:

    My grandmother lived in The Lodge, Fir Grove Hill, Farnham during the 1940 s. Can anyone tell me anything about the main house, who lived there etc. Many thanks.

  7. michael feeney says:

    any one remember st marys farm blechingley underhills surrey 1955 i would like to hear from them. michael feeney.

  8. Janice Winchester says:

    Does anyone have any information on the family name of Winchester who lived and worked in Godstone, Surrey. I have visited the Church at Godstone, and there are several members buried there.

  9. julie clarke says:

    Does anyone know of the phipps family merstham area .and redhill also did you go to cromwell roadschool in the 60d or earlswood school in the 60s ….or live in knighton road 1961 to 1967 ..would be nice to have any imformation thank you …….

  10. sharon fox says:

    Hi can anyone help me in regards to a property my relatives owned. It was the grocers shop in Bridge Street, Godalming. He was called James Scott. I was wondering if it is still there or if not what it is now. Many thanks , Sharon

  11. Steve DAOUST says:

    Hi does anyone have any information about tickners heath , tickners heath cottage ,once part of the farm, tickners heath between alfold and Dunsfold gu68hu

  12. karen villadsen says:

    Hello,my dad & uncle went to Prince Albert Orphanage from abt 1938 in camberley.Could you guide me to a site where there could photos of them or any information..thank you in advance

  13. Derek Gibson says:

    I along with two of my sisters were pupils at St Josephs Convent Beauchamp Road West Molesey from 1943-ish to 1949. I have found it extremely difficult to even find anything regarding its existence. Any information about this once beautiful school would be of great joy to this now 78 year old former student.
    Many thanks in anticipation.

    1. Jan Davey says:

      My sister and I were also pupils at St Joseph’s Convent during the late 40’s and early 50’s. It was a lovely school and we were very happy there. I would also like to find some more information on the history of this school as there seems to be very little information available.

    2. Angela says:

      I was there for three years from 1948 as a boarder and was very unhappy and homesick there. Harshly an unfairly treated by the nuns.

  14. Desiree Bean (Trent) says:

    Can anyone help with information on Park Place. I found a beautiful home called Park Place and am not sure if this could be where my ancestors would have stayed. John Trent, a cabinet maker and his wife Ann Lawrence Cooper, or Ann Cooper Lawrence (marriage banns and records have her name both ways, as well as her name changing on different children’s baptism entries to Sarah Ann Trent-very confusing to say the least), Baptism record for there 1st child states they were living at Park Place in 1836, after that they moved to Cumberland Row.

  15. Nora Looymans says:

    Does anyone know the name of a children’s home in the 1950’s that was on Portmore Park Road?

    1. ESP Admin says:

      Reply from Surrey History Centre:

      “After an initial search of our index to Homes managed by Surrey County Council, we have been unable to find any references to a children’s home at this address. There were children’s homes situated in Weybridge but none, that we can see, at this particular address. We have also searched our collection of ordnance survey maps again without success.

      Our only suggestion is that you try contacting Elmbridge Museum ( to see if they are aware of a children’s home being sited in Portmore Park Road. It is quite possible the Home was run privately rather than through a local authority.

      We are sorry that we could not assist you in this instance.”

  16. Shaun Doust says:

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone who is researching or interested in the Doust ancestry?
    I am in South Africa and researching the Doust from Surrey and Greater London.
    Currently stuck with my 6th great grand parents: Thomas Doust married to Mary James in Horley Surrey on 5th March 1764

    1. Gail says:

      Hi Shaun, as a child (born 1965) my family gp was a Dr Doust .
      His practice was on the corner of Broughton Road and Thornton Road , Thornton Heath ,Surrey.
      Not much but hope it helps !

  17. christopher russell says:

    Hi a William Russell aged 30 was a Grocer in Surrey England and arrived in 1863 in Hobart Town Australia
    are there any decendents of William Russell left in Surrey ? if he was a Grocer what would his shop looked like?
    William is related to me he is my Great Great Grandfather and the start of our family in Australia
    thanks for any help

  18. Julie Kelly says:

    I have many Windlesham families in my family tree. My Grandmother descended from the Baigents who were born, grew up, married and died in Windlesham. I also have Attfield, Higgs, Bachelors. Maybe I will get to visit one day and see where they all came from.

  19. Jean Eyers says:

    Does anyone know if a mother & baby home was in limpsfield during the 1940s?

  20. Pauline Herbert says:

    Dear All
    Does anyone know any details about kingthorpe nursing home in addlestone 1943. What it is now or any information. My mother was born there in 1943 and my nan was not married.
    Thank you

  21. Barbara Powell says:

    Enquiry from Western Australia trying to find out what 5 Bennetts Cottages, Fairfield Road, Leatherhead was in 1919. My father Albert John Powell was born here on 11 February that year. His mother Florence Martha Powell (nee Vivian) records his birth as illegitimate and was living at 76 Beulah Road, Sutton at the time. What happened at 5 Bennetts Cottages then, did a midwife or doctor live there? Was it an operational unit for births or would my father’s birth have been a one off? It was rented by the owner of the local Price of Wales pub. What happened at 76 Beulah Road, Sutton? Was it privately owned, if so, who by? My grandmother Florence was a domestic housemaid at the time living here, working for who? I’d be grateful for any help anyone can offer. With deepest appreciation. Barbara Powell

  22. Maggie Lawton says:

    When my Mum and Dad got married in 1939 they lived in School Lane in Fetcham. The house was named Beaumont but there is no number attached to the address on any of their documents. I would love to know if the house is still in School Lane and what is its present number. Hoping someone may know the answer.

  23. Tricia Parkinson says:

    Does anyone remember the Sunshine Kindergarten in Guildford in the 1950s? It was a lovely school but has been demolished now. It would be nice to see a photo of it.

  24. maureen Lloyd-Williams says:

    does anyone know anything about the Buckfield family who lived in Beulah Road for several centuries from 1851 census. They also lived in Collingwood Road before the war.
    also, I would like to know anything about the brickworks by Beulah Road and its history.

  25. Audrey Ough says:

    My father was born in 1922 and was put into a children’s home in the late 1920’s in the Worcester area. At some point he was trained as a carpenter and in 1939 (aged 16) was lodging at 17 Victoria Road, Staines. Was he there doing his apprenticeship? Was there a link between children’s homes? The only thing I have is his bible – soft brown cover – but the first page has been torn out – presumably with his details on it.
    Eric Hill 16 / 12 / 1922

  26. Howard Lorentz says:

    Howard Demicol, was adopted at nine years old, lived in an orphanage for three years in Caterham, Tupwood lane, from 1956 till 1959, trying to find other kids who were their, it was mainly girls.

  27. Barbara Lee says:

    I have discovered that my ancestors on my mother’s side, by the name of Harris originally owned Gomshall Mill which is now a restaurant. A Nigel Harris has written a booklet on this but I am unable to obtain a copy. Any further information on this would be appreciated. Thank you

  28. Myfanwy Crowe-Palmer says:

    I am looking for a picture of Walpole House which my mother-in-law talks about as being a place where her grandmother was a cook and her grandfather was the coachman. She believes it is no longer there but is hoping there might be an image of it somewhere.

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