This unique racing car was commissioned by the Brooklands driver, John Cobb, and was designed with the Brooklands Lap Record, 500 Mile Race and the Worlds 24 Hour record in mind.   The chassis was designed by Reid Railton at Thomson and Taylor Ltd at Brooklands and the car took shape in their workshops in 1933.

The Napier-Railton in the USA Image: Brooklands Museum (click to enlarge)

The Napier-Railton in the USA
Image: Brooklands Museum (click to enlarge)

Powered by a 12-cylinder Napier Lion aero engine, this magnificent vehicle won fame not only as the fastest car at Brooklands but twice took the 24 Hour record in 1935 and 1936 [150.16mph].

The Brooklands Outer Circuit lap record of 143.44mph taken in 1935 by the Napier-Railton was never beaten.

Holder of both standing start and flying start lap records, winner of the fastest short and the fastest long distance races ever run at Brooklands and creator of the highest speed officially measured there, the Napier-Railton may be said to be truly the ultimate Brooklands Racing Car.

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  1. rita horne says:

    The Napier Railton was rebuilt fot the Midland Moter Museum by Hodec Engineering in Woking

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